Global LNG liquefaction capacity set to continue to grow

GlobalData’s latest report, ‘H2 2017 Global Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook for LNG Liquefaction Terminals - Floating Terminals in Congo Republic and PNG Announced Amidst Project Cancellations in US and Canada’, indicates that the Global LNG liquefaction capacity is expected to grow by 94% during the 2017–2021 outlook period, from 386.6 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) in 2017 to 750.5mtpa by 2021.

Among regions, North America leads in terms of planned liquefaction capacity growth, contributing 77% of the total global growth. The region is expected to add 288mtpa of liquefaction capacity by 2021. Former Soviet Union and Oceania follow with expected capacity additions of 38mtpa and 27mtpa, respectively. Capital expenditure (capex) region wise, North America again leads with proposed capex of $326.8bn. Oceania has the second highest capex of $57.6bn, followed by Former Soviet Union with $44.6bn.

"North America leads in terms of planned liquefaction capacity growth, contributing 77% of the total global growth."

Among countries globally, the US leads with 173mtpa of liquefaction capacity additions by 2021. Canada and Russia follow, with 115mtpa and 38mtpa, respectively.

Canada, the US, and Australia lead globally among countries in terms of capex during the outlook period, with $162.2bn, $157.2bn, and $46.1bn, respectively.

Among companies, Orca LNG Ltd, Cheniere Energy, Inc., and Kitsault Energy have the most LNG liquefaction capacity additions globally by 2021, with capacities of 24.0mtpa, 22.5mtpa, and 20.0mtpa, respectively.

According to GlobalData’s midstream research, among global companies Gazprom has the highest proposed capex of $23.1bn to be spent on new build liquefaction projects in the outlook period. Woodside Petroleum and Shell follow with $21bn and $20.1bn, respectively.

Among terminals, Orca Floating, Cameron II, and Corpus Christi lead in terms of global liquefaction capacity additions by 2021 with 24mtpa, 23.5mtpa, and 22.5mtpa, respectively.

In terms of capex, Canada, Sarita, and Ichthys terminals lead with $30.0bn, $22.5bn, and $18.5bn, respectively, during the outlook period.