Fluid Sealing Solutions, Gaskets and Gland Packing Products for the Oil & Gas Industry

Garlock gaskets

Garlock produces a wide range of premium sealing products and materials capable of protecting oil and gas fields, platforms and pipelines, and their personnel.

Industrial components and services for the offshore industry

Garlock Australia and New Zealand manufactures gasketing; compression packing; crown bush; diaphragms; metal, rubber and fabric expansion joints, metallic gaskets; oil seals and bearing isolators, and is the authorised distributor for PIKOTEK® products.

Garlock also offers numerous services for the oil and gas industry, including on-site maintenance, turnkey emission monitoring and repair programmes, integrated pollution prevention, control reporting, comprehensive plant sealing, speciality projects and low-emission valve packing.

Polytetrafluoroethylene gaskets for stress relaxation

GYLON® polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gaskets are designed to reduce the creep relaxation problems.

Graphite gasketing composed of pure, exfoliated flake material excels in adverse conditions and high-temperatures, high-pressures and chemicals.

The MULTI-SWELL™ gasket is approved by the international water authority to be used in potable water applications.

Flange isolation kits for electrical components

PIKOTEK® flange isolation kits are designed for complete electrical isolation of a flanged assembly. The kits are composed of a full-length isolation sleeve, two washers and two steel washers.

Isolating the sleeves, seperates the bolts from the both sides of the flange while isolating washers insulate the electric current from the nuts attached to the bolts.

This method is suitable for complete electrical isolation of the flanged joints.

Monolithic isolation joints for in-pipe electric currents

ElectroStop monolithic isolation joints are engineered for long-lasting block and leak-proof electrical flow in pipes. They provide a reliable, cost-effective solution that prolongs service life and reduces the risk of short circuits.

Garlock's engineers hydrostatically manufacture the isolation joints corrosion-free with internal and external smart coatings and weld testing.

PTFE pump and valve diaphragms

Garlock offers pure PTFE and PTFE-bonded pump and valve diaphragms, which are suitable for critical applications.

The versatile diaphragms are capable of working with heavy-duty programmes and give efficient results, while minimising downtime and maintenance costs.

Rubber expansion joints for plant optimisation

Garlock's rubber expansion joints efficiently improve plant operations and increase the mechanical integrity of equipment used in the power generation, fertiliser, mining and chemical industries.

The ABRA-LINE™ range of rubber expansion joints are developed for highly abrasive applications, and are ideal for oil and gas industries.

Compression and pump packing for sealing applications

Garlock's valve packing is designed for fugitive emission service, and pressure steam and chemical-resistance.

Compression packing aims to give the user the highest return on initial investment regarding leakage control and service life in a dependable, cost-effective product.

Pump packing provides a leak-free sealing system that saves water and energy, and synthetic packing offers a cost-effective general industrial service.

Metal and rubber oil seals

KLOZURE® oil seals are available in more than 50 different styles and sizes ranging from 0.25in to more than 90in. Solid or split types, metal-cased or whole rubber varieties are available.

Garlock uses the MILL-RIGHT® materials for all elastomeric seals for assured superior bearing protection, a long service life and excellent performance.

About Garlock

Garlock manufactures high-quality components and is focussed on improving the operations and products of its partners, working towards a cleaner environment and providing excellent sealing solutions.

The engineers at Garlock are dedicated to develop solutions that ensure safety and enhance performance and improvement in the field, with minimal maintenance.

Garlock offers production facilities in Perth, Sydney and Gladstone, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand.

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