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EIVA is an engineering company with more than 30 years' experience in the offshore survey and construction industry. We provide software, hardware, turnkey solutions and services for virtually any subsea task. We offer both rental and sales to a wide range of segments.

These include:

  • Offshore oil and gas
  • Offshore wind
  • Marine construction
  • Hydrography
  • Oceanography
  • Defence

Our flexible software suite EIVA NaviSuite is used throughout these segments worldwide. It encompasses the following solutions:

  • NaviPac for navigation and positioning
  • NaviScan for sonar data acquisition
  • NaviEdit for survey data editing
  • NaviModel for 3D terrain modelling
  • NaviPlot for chart production

Subsea engineering and hydrographic surveys

Our solutions optimise subsea engineering and hydrographic survey businesses. We know and understand the challenges our customers face and work closely with them in choosing and implementing the solution that will offer the most value to their mission-critical operations.

Our extensive customer base comprises organisations and companies from international industries. Our staff travel worldwide to assist customers onsite. They are as familiar with the inside of aircraft cabins as they are with the seabed.

Offshore survey and construction products

Our extensive product portfolio covers the complete range of offshore tasks, from marine science to offshore engineering. Among others, this includes the EIVA NaviSuite and ScanFish III product range.

Software suites for all offshore survey tasks

The EIVA NaviSuite is a high-end solution, providing optimum quality in terms of precision, efficiency and capabilities. It consists of five main products belonging to two groups:

  • Online: data acquisition and navigation software
  • Offline: post-processing of acquired data

The NaviSuite increases business efficiency through features tailored specifically to the offshore survey task at hand. It offers an unlimited choice of equipment through a vendor-independent survey software package. It also reduces training and lifecycle maintenance costs by applying the same software suite to all tasks.

The sonar and navigation software can be applied and adapted to a specific task. This enables you to pick the tools relevant to the survey task at hand rather than operating a large application.

Applications include:

  • Multiple vessel operation
  • Marine science
  • Sonar surveys
  • Geophysical 2D seismic surveys
  • Subsea positioning and navigation
  • Offshore construction
  • Barge/ tug management
  • Anchor handling
  • Rig positioning and moving
  • Subsea pipeline and cable lay
  • Subsea pipeline and cable inspection
  • Remotely operated vehicles, remotely operated towed vehicles (ROTV) and autonomous underwater vehicle operations

The next-generation of remotely operated towed vehicle solutions

The ScanFish III range is the next-generation of our ROTV solutions that has proven efficiency and durability. In further developing this product range, we offer an enhanced product of the highest quality.

ScanFish III models are robust with a long service life. They are made of quality materials and easily replacable parts, contributing to a high return on investment. Their practical design means they can be deployed in rough weather, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of downtime. Two side plates with bars also function as handles, protecting the body and facilitating handling. These reduce the risks posed to the ROTV in the water and ensure the safety of the crew during deployment and recovery.

Three models make up the ScanFish III family:

  • The ScanFish Rocio, a multi-purpose ROTV for marine science surveys
  • The ScanFish Konia, a cost-effective ROTV for sound velocity profiling during multibeam sonar surveys
  • The ScanFish Tropheus, a high-speed ROTV for unexploded ordinance operations

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