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Consultancy and Simulation Services for the Oil and Gas Industry


KBC is a leading consultancy and software provider to the global hydrocarbon production and processing industry.

With more than 30 years of experience, KBC combines industry leading technology with experienced engineers and operations personnel using robust methodologies to create personalised, sustainable solutions for its clients.

Through a number of developments and acquisitions, KBC own the core thermodynamics used in most Upstream applications today (Infochem Multiflash™); a class-leading thermal-hydraulic life of field model (Maximus™); and a class-leading design Process simulation (KBC Petro-SIM™) that uniquely represents the upstream and mid-stream marketplace requirements whilst still being the simulator platform of choice in downstream HPI markets.

KBC Consulting capability extends from energy economics practice forecasting industry price and volumes trends, providing financial and investment communities with guidance and due diligence; organisational practice providing organisational transformation and change programmes, energy improving design and operating efficiency, reliability, safety and maintenance for overall asset health, and process consulting driving optimisation of designs and operations for maximum margin.

World-class technology and consulting services for designing, operating and managing hydrocarbon production and processing facilities - everything you need to take your business to the next level.

Our technology

KBC is the only technology provider to supply all three key production network design tools under one company, for truly integrated production modelling (IPM).

  • Multiflash is the market-leading PVT tool for modelling and solving the phase behaviour of complex mixtures and pure substances. Multiflash 6 includes major enhancements in the calculation methods, a fully renovated, exciting and friendly user interface, a complete set of advanced fluid modelling functionalities and regression of PVT experiments
  • Maximus is the most powerful thermal hydraulic flow assurance and production network modelling and optimisation tool available with a unique ability to handle mass, energy and momentum. With its built-in IPM capability; the Life of Field Option enables Maximus to provide the functionality of a petroleum engineering software with the detail of a process engineering tool
  • Petro-SIM is the most comprehensive process modelling and simulation tool, ideal for topsides, separation and processing facilities engineering design, evaluation and optimisation. Process engineers can leverage its unique features, including cumulatives, workflows and fluids
  • SIM Reactor Suite: now brings data validation and model validation to a new level by integrating KBC's knowledge and experience of industry best practices into the reactor suite to help users understand their data by demonstrating unique relationships and highlighting potential problem areas with the input data. This latest release balances key improvements to the core kinetic reactor technology and an enhanced user experience
  • Energy-SIM leverages KBC's proven ProSteam modelling platform to deliver customised steam, fuel and power utilities performance monitoring, forecasting and optimisation capabilities for industrial process facilities across all industry sectors

Our advanced technologies create the superior platform to enable management of the complex, multi-dimensional, multi-configuration, multi-period challenges faced by the oil and gas industry and add identifiable value to your organisation's bottom line.

All our software can be purchased and used independently, or as part of a fully Integrated Upstream Solution Package.

Our consulting solutions

KBC's upstream services and technologies are based on our Life of Field philosophy, this is our proven process and methodology for evaluating and operating production network systems to deliver efficiently and effectively as the reservoir changes and the field development plan evolves over the asset lifecycle.

KBC consultants use a range of best-in-class software developed for the upstream and midstream industries: Maximus™ Integrated Production Modelling software, KBC Petro-SIM™ process simulation suite and Infochem Multiflash™ PVT Simulator for pre-conceptual design and field development planning "Rightsize" studies of reservoirs, wells and facilities, and "Produce the Limit" production optimization of pipeline and facilities networks.

Our consultants think and work from the operator's perspective, we have skilled production and process engineers that also have operating experience and a track record of value generation in Field Development planning, producing the limit and workforce capability.

KBC also helps sustain operational excellence through our experienced workforce capability solutions. Our Upstream services are focused on new and existing assets; including, but not limited to large and complex production networks, deepwater subsea, pipeline and topsides systems, onshore oil & gas gathering, separation and processing systems, and LNG / GTL plants.

KBC generates value and reduces risk by empowering our clients with oil and gas consulting advice using our proprietary methodologies together with innovative process simulation technology to deliver enduring excellence in safety, reliability, environmental and financial performance. In these times of economic uncertainty, increasing costs and regulatory pressures, our goal is to help guide our clients' key strategic asset management decisions.

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