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BSL Offshore Containers is recognized as one of the fastest growing manufactures of offshore containers and equipment in China. With our expanding warehouses in Australia, Singapore, the US, Indonesia and Western Africa, BSL is capable of delivering high-quality offshore container units with fast turnaround time and exceptional service.

All BSL Offshore containers are built in accordance with DNV2.7-1 and EN12079-1 standards. BSL supplied offshore containers are marked for offshore use and complete with full material trace report, load test and NDT Certificates and DNV 2.7.1 certification / EN 12079.

Our dedicated team of quality assurance professionals works hard to ensure all containers meet the same high standard for which we have become known and trusted. Maintaining the quality of our containers and upholding customer satisfaction is what we focus on most.

At BSL we do our best to identify and reach customers globally, as well as offer technical consultancy, quick after-sale and customer solution services.

International offshore container supply

In the past few years BSL Containers has supplied products to a number of high profile customers, notably in the Australasian region. These included orders to companies such as Halliburton Australia (open-top units for use in the Gorgon gas project) and Mcdermott Australia (6.4m lifting frame for the ESSO KTT project).

Furthermore, we have expanded our operational capabilities by joining forces with ANL to create ANL-BSL offshore containers and by opening a warehouse in Singapore, to better serve clients in the Asia Pacific region.

Together with TOLL Offshore Petroleum Services and Logistics, our Singapore location also serves as a shipping hub, allowing us to deliver BSL DNV2.7-1 offshore units to any Asian country with ease.

Dry goods containers

At BSL, we offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of customers and offer a container solution for almost any scenario. We manufacture dry goods containers in several different sizes. Each of our offshore dry goods containers are extra heavy duty, and designed to withstand the harshest environment in offshore operations. Many engineering companies have used our dry goods containers for conversion into offshore laboratories, workshops or equipment control modules.

Half-height offshore containers

BSL Containers manufactures three types of half-height container, which range in size from the smallest (10 x 8 x 4) to the medium-sized half-height container with rear door (20 x 8 x 4) to the heaviest, which comes with removable side doors (20 x 8 x 4, gross weight of 20,000kg).

Standard features include multiple internal tie-down points for safe and secure transportation of cargo, net securing points on all units and drainage points.

Open-top containers

BSL Containers can also supply larger open top offshore containers. Customers can choose between a container that can handle 10,000kg in terms of gross weight (10 x 8 x 8'6) or another which is essentially double the capacity and can handle 20,000kg (20 x 8 x 8'6). Open tops come with standard heavy duty tarpaulin, multiple internal tie-down points and door lashing hooks.

Mini containers

BSL mini offshore containers are designed with multiple internal tie-down points for safe and secure transportation of cargo. These include a standard mini container, with a tare weight of 1,350kg; a shelved mini container which is heavier, with a tare weight of 1,550kg; and finally a hot dip galvanized mini container, which is the heaviest at 1,600kg.

Cargo baskets / lifting frames

Aside from containers, we also offer cargo baskets and lifting frames for your transportation needs. These come in different configurations, such as the BSL standard 6.1m, 10.1m and 12.1m baskets. We also custom build different size of cargo baskets according to customer requirements. The 6.4m lifting frame is also a good option to transport 10ft and 20ft ISO containers for offshore use.

Chemical tanks and offshore reefers

Additionally, BSL also offers several types of chemical tank containers, which include our 300 gallon portable tank (maximum payload of 750kg), a 500 gallon container (maximum payload of 3,440kg) and a 4000L offshore portable tank (maximum payload of 7,660kg).

BSL offshore reefers come in two sizes, 10x8x8'6 and 20x8x8'6. BSL Offshore reefers are equipped with brand new carrier thinline 69NT40-541-402 machinery. Both the container box and machinery are fully reconditioned, along with undergoing stringent MPI / load test.

The lifting test is proof loaded in accordance with European Standards EN12079-3:2006. An MPI / load test certificate comes with each container.

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BSL Containers Product Catalogue 13 November 2012 BSL Containers, one of the fastest growing offshore container manufacturers in China, supplies high-quality, certified products for worldwide applications.

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