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Oxifree UK is at the forefront of specialist anti corrosion engineering and metal protection within the UK and Europe for the offshore oil and gas sector.

With years of experience and offices in 26 countries, Oxifree is quickly becoming THE brand and supplier recognised by the offshore oil and gas industry. Cheaper, lesser quality brands may come and go, but Oxifree remains the leader in offshore corrosion protection and the reliable option when it comes to ensuring and extending the life of assets.

Offshore Corrosion prevention, a myth?

Unfortunately, corrosion and the predatory degradation of vital components is every engineer's problem and nightmare and the cost of dealing with this relentless issue ends up swallowing up large portions of budgetary constraints, that should be set aside for development, forward momentum and investment. From seized gate valves to galvanic instigated corrosion on flanges and piping joints, corrosion is every FM contractors and operator's problem.

What if there was a way to protect assets from corrosion regardless of shape, movement or complex design? What if there was a way to coat and forget assets and not worry about them for more than 20 years? What if there was a way to plan for the future and safeguard funds for development, for jobs and for the future?

If there were a way to apply a simple coating to assets, to complete valve units, to flanges and pipe supports, that offers more than 20 years of fit and forget solution and if there were a way to arrest any degradation / further degradation of aging assets that still function with NO surface preparation or to protect new installations and guarantee that in 20 years' time they will still look and function like new, would you take it? Would you invest in a method that is proven to work, that will slash maintenance and contractor fees? Can the oil and gas companies and contractors of, in this current era afford not to?

Oxifree provides a solution to corrosion, which is endemic in the offshore sector and indeed within the marine and onshore chemicals, GNO and DNO networks. Oxifree is an eco-friendly organic resin substance that creates a protective barrier from the elements and actively protects and nullifies the impact of corrosion on metallic surfaces.

Cost-effective offshore corrosion solutions

Oxifree (TM198) is an easy-to-apply, sprayable, organic polymeric resin coating used to provide protection for metallic components.

It consists of inhibitors that guard against all corrosive elements and can be reused and recycled. The machinery and equipment is ATEX zone 2-22 and IECEx certified and the material is also eco-friendly due to it containing less than 0.5% volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so there is no impact on the environment.

Used by a simple heated unit, it gives a pliable polymeric barrier coating that can be used on all types of metal components.

It has been designed for use on equipment that is prone to damage from corrosive water and dust particles, such as flanges and valves on process piping.

Corrosion prevention for offshore and onshore installations

Corrosion is the most persistent safety risk to offshore installations, with all operation equipment vulnerable.

Oxifree was developed to protect the following key areas from corrosion:

  • Under insulation
  • Firewater mains and deluge systems
  • Flanges and bolting plants
  • Valves
  • Pipe supports
  • Choke valves
  • Pressure-relief valves

These form part of 'safety critical elements', which can disrupt operations if damaged.

Corrosion protection is generally provided by paint, grease, galvanising, nickel-plating or using resistant alloys that can prove expensive.

Oxifree has undergone extensive testing and is now the anti-corrosion solution of choice for CoP, BP, Petrobas, Centrica and VPI, SSE to name a few and is used on platform-critical components.

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Available White Papers


Oxifree Explains to OGI Readers the Profound Problem of Corrosion in the UK and Around the World 18 May 2015 The fight against corrosion costs the UK around 4% of GNP per annum. Key to this fight are the establishment and promotion of sound corrosion management practice, the advancement of cost-effective corrosion control measures and a sustained effort generally to raise corrosion awareness at all stages of design, fabrication and operation.


Case Study: Test Application for Oxifree Protection within the Mining Industry 20 April 2015 Roller bearings and gearboxes suffer greatly in areas prone to penetration of particles and humidity, greatly reducing the useful life of the bearings. By using Oxifree a totally new and efficient protection through the application of a polymer resin that encapsulates the whole surface of the equipment and prevents any contamination, maximizing the life of the equipment.


Protect Assets from Corrosion Regardless of Shape, Movement or Complex Design 16 March 2015 Corrosion is, within most engineers divisions, a perpetual problem, which is fundamentally, a losing fight with no end other than expense. These problems are dramatically increased within the water industries, as population increases, the demand for water and the necessary removal of waste are of paramount importance to the availability of water for fire treatment and pollutants.


Oxifree: Metal Protection 03 March 2015 Corrosion within most engineers divisions is a problem which is a continual losing battle with no end other than expense, unfortunately there is no escape from corrosion instigated detrition of metallic structures.


Making The Difference in Global Corrosion Prevention 16 February 2015 The annual cost of corrosion worldwide is a staggering $1.8tn, which is over 3% of the world's GDP (Gross Domestic Products) and costs the UK individually around 4% of GNP (Gross National Products) per annum.