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Autronica Fire and Security - From Safe to Dual Safety

Autronica Fire and Security AS, Oil & Gas is a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of advanced sensors and systems for fire and gas detection to the petrochemical oil and gas industry. The product range includes AutroSafe® IFG (integrated fire and gas detection system) with SelfVerify® , the world's only IEC 61508 safety integrity level (SIL 2) approved integrated addressable fire and gas detection system.

Autronica also offers a full range of flame and gas detectors, high sensitive smoke detection (HSSD), gas sampling, alarm management and control systems. Service offered includes system design, project management, installation and commissioning, after sales service and training.

AutroSafe SelfVerify

SelfVerify detectors perform a calibrated self-test every day, making time consuming manual testing an activity of the past. AutroSafe SelfVerify avoids these problems by doing the job itself. This breakthrough technology has been developed with the support of the Research Council of Norway and from three major oil companies BP, Total and ExxonMobil.

Not only does AutroSafe SelfVerify test whether a detector is capable of activating an alarm, it also verifies detector sensitivity with a calibrated signal, ensuring that each detector always responds to the correct alarm level. In the event of any irregularities, the operating panel display pinpoints the problem source clearly and concisely. With this new technology, AutroSafe is the most reliable fire and gas detection system on the market - a system that ensures optimal detection 24 hours a day.

From safe to dual safety

The new dual safety technology from Autronica enables redundant control of the loop. If, by any reason, the primary loop control fails, the secondary loop control will take over, and fire detection is thus maintained. Redundancy is achieved without introducing two set of detection loops and thus avoiding twice the amount of cabling and detectors.

Gas sampling in shale shaker ventilation

In the drilling area on an oil rig the main concern is hydrocarbon leakage from the well. Normally, traditional IR gas detectors are chosen to detect these leakages, for lack of options. In such contaminated environments the risk of detector pollution is not a question of if, it is a question of when, as traditional IR detectors need to be placed in close proximity to the source to work at optimum performance.

With the new Omicron gas sampling system from Autronica we have developed a method for gas detection where we are especially focused on making the equipment operate with a high degree of reliability without supervision.

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IEC 61508 safety integrity level (SIL 2)-approved integrated addressable fire and gas detection system.
Stringent control throughout Autronica Fire and Security assures the excellence of our products and services. Our products are developed for worldwide standards and regulations, and conform to EN 54 and NFPA 72.
The new dual safety technology from Autronica Fire and Security enable redundant control of the loop. Should one panel fail due to a fire or gas incident, another will maintain control.
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