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Ultrasonic Gas Detectors for the Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Groveley Detection Ltd (now Rosemount Measurement Ltd) has been supplying the GDU series of ultrasonic gas detectors (also known as acoustic gas detectors) since 2006. Since then, we have supplied hundreds of ultrasonic detectors for onshore and offshore applications all over the world to protect personnel and equipment. These detectors use robust piezoelectric sensors, which have proven reliability and never require field calibration, offering a low cost of ownership.

Established for more than 20 years in the oil and gas industry, the company offers a one-stop-shop approach to fire and gas-detection products.

Instantaneous gas leak detectors

The GDU series of ultrasonic omni-directional gas leak detectors can detect leaking gas down to a pressure of 2barg. This technology does not rely on the gas cloud migrating to the detector and therefore is unaffected by wind direction or dilution. The piezoelectric sensors provide instantaneous response to the ultrasonic sound generated by the leaking gas.

High levels of audible noise associated with high-speed rotating equipment (such as compressors) are filtered out and so do not affect the detector.

Ultrasonic omni-directional gas leak detectors

The Incus has four piezoelectric sensors, providing increased coverage of up to 40m radius, depending on:

  • Gas type
  • Leak size
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Background noise

The four sensors have the added benefit of providing built-in redundancy. We have trained engineers who are able to measure ultrasonic background noise levels on-site and advise on optimal positioning and coverage for each process condition.

Incus is suitable for use in hazardous areas and carries ATEX, IEC Ex, EAC and KOSHA approvals. The unit is also approved by ABS and DNV.

Incus is suitable for use in SIL 2 systems and has a continuous self-test that still allows the device to detect hazardous gas leaks in test mode. The detector does not require field calibration and its performance can be verified remotely.

Wide operating temperature range and high ingress rating

The Incus is rated at IP66/67, including the piezoelectric sensor heads, so it is completely protected from the elements. The temperature rating extends from -55ºC to +85ºC with up to 100% humidity. Therefore, it will perform in any oil and gas industry environment.

Standalone gas leak detectors

The Incus is a three-wire device with an industry standard analogue or stepped 4mA-20mA output with HART® option. The unit also comes with an RS485 interface and time delay-capable relays as standard.

About Rosemount Measurement

The company has been supplying fire and gas-detection equipment to the oil and gas industry since 1991. A wealth of knowledge and experience has been gained, not only from supplying our own manufactured equipment, such as the GDU-01 and GDU-Incus ultrasonic gas leak detectors and GDA-Aspirators, but also third-party products.

Rosemount Measurement can provide complete solutions to project requirements for fire and gas field instrumentation.

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