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Tyco Fire Protection Products - Foam Hardware, Gaseous Suppression Systems, Sprinklers and Sprinkler Systems for Offshore Fire Protection

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Tyco Fire Protection Products brands and products are industry leaders, in areas including foam agents and foam hardware, gaseous suppression systems, sprinklers and sprinkler systems, fire detection technology, portable fire extinguishers, mechanical grooved products and metal framing supports systems.

With world class brands including Ansul, Aquamist, Chemguard, DBE, EZCare, Fireclass, FlameVision, Grinnell, Hygood, Kwikstrut, LPG, MCS, Neuruppin, Pyro-Chem, Rapid Response, SaboFoam, Shurjoint, Simplex, Skum, Sprinkad, Thorn Security, Total, Vigilant, Williams Fire & Hazard Control and Zettler, Tyco has a comprehensive range of fire protection technologies to suit petrochemical and hazardous areas. Tyco is continuously enhancing existing technology and developing new products to ensure they meet the changing demands of its customers worldwide, and of course that they meet the strictest safety standards.

Foam agents and foam hardware products

Tyco has more than 600 years combined experience in special hazard fire suppression. Our brands include Williams, Ansul, Chemguard, Skum and SaboFoam. We provide a full range of both foam agents and foam hardware products.

Williams is world-renowned for its emergency response service to major petrochemical fires over the last 30 years, and is considered to be the world leader in fighting large-scale chemical fires. This expertise and knowledge, combined with Tyco's many years of foam firefighting expertise, provides petrochemical and oil and gas customers worldwide with a comprehensive onsite designed solution, as well as including emergency firefighting services if required.

Gaseous suppression systems

Tyco's leading gaseous suppression system brands include Hygood, Ansul, LPG, Pyro-Chem, Fireater and Thorn Security.

The range of products include INERGEN, an inert gas blend of nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide, which provides high levels of safety. As it uses naturally occurring gases there is no environmental impact. The INERGEN total flooding fire suppression system is designed to protect spaces enclosing high-value assets and processes. Recently the system has been enhanced with the addition of i-Flow technology to provide dramatically improved discharge characteristics, lower installation costs and reduced enclosure over pressurisation. INERGEN and i-flow technology is now available throughout Europe and the Middle East.

SAPPHIRE is a safe, clean agent system which is proven to be environmentally friendly. Since its introduction by Tyco, the SAPPHIRE system, using 3M Novec 1230 fire protection fluid has been widely accepted as a fire suppression system of choice for many critical hazard applications and has amassed a host of international industrial and marine approvals. To reassure users that SAPPHIRE systems are safe for the environment, every SAPPHIRE installation now carries a 20-year environmental warranty.

These systems are often selected when environmental considerations (including the European F gas regulation) take the highest priority. These systems are supplemented by FM200 systems and other inert gas systems, such as i3 using IG-55, IG-01 and IG-100. High-pressure carbon dioxide systems based on either NFPA 12, European or local standards are available, as well as low-pressure systems.

Major approvals and listings include UL, FM, LPCB, VdS, and the major marine classification societies are available. All components in systems supplied in Europe meet the exacting requirements of EN 12094. Systems may be designed and configured to meet the requirements of NFPA 2001, NFPA 12, EN 15004, ISO 14520, BS 5306-4 as well as local standards or requirements.

Sprinkler systems

Tyco produce a comprehensive range of sprinklers to cover every situation. Our sprinkler range includes standard coverage sprinklers, storage sprinklers, dry sprinklers, nozzles, extended coverage sprinklers and residential sprinklers. In addition, we also offer a range of valves, hoses and cabinets.

With over 30 million sprinklers installed worldwide every year, we are proud to be the world's number one sprinklers supplier.

Fire detection technology

Built on 100 years of product innovation in fire detection technology, we have the solution for every environment. Tyco brands include FireClass, Simplex, Zettler, Thorn Security and FlameVision.

The Zettler and Thorn Security product range incorporate MZX technology and the Generation 6 fire detection range, which provides easier commissioning and servicing of fire detectors. The 850 EMT provides greater efficiencies, cost savings and safety in the specification and installation of fire detection systems for large industrial complexes that need to meet EN54 requirements. In addition, the FlameVision detector utilises infrared array-based flame detection combined with integral CCTV to automatically and reliably identify flame incidents and pin point the location on a video image.

The Simplex 4100ES (eServices) fire alarm control panel is a premier fire detection and alarm system. Built upon the legendary field-proven performance of the Simplex 4100U series, the next-generation 4100ES leverages new technology, design improvements, T-Tap wiring and IP-based diagnostics to offer low-cost installation that electrical contractors can appreciate.

FireClass is the latest fire detection technology packaged as an easy to install, out-of-the-box, digital solution. Flexible enough for simple conventional systems or complex integrated systems for hazardous industrial installations.

Portable fire extinguishers

Total and FLN Neuruppin are major European brands supplying high-quality portable fire extinguisher products. Manufactured in Germany at the FLN Neuruppin factory, quality and reliability are key components and each product is thoroughly tested and approved to meet national and international third party approvals.

The complete range includes eco foam, foam, watermist, water, CO2, tandem fixed/portable and the F-class range, specifically designed for use in kitchens and to fight fat-fuelled fires.

Mechanical grooved products and metal framing and support systems

Mechanical grooved products are used to connect pipes and pipework together in commercial and industrial premises, ideal for fire protection and non-fire system applications such as HVAC. Metal framing and support products used to help support pipework in any commercial and industrial application.

Grinnell delivers quality piping solutions for a full range of mechanical, HVAC, mining, commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental applications. Available products offer contractors, engineers and distributors faster, more cost-effective tools for joining pipes over traditional welding methods.

Innovative Grinnell products include couplings, fittings, mechanical tees, valves and accessories as well as complete systems for joining copper, stainless-steel, plain end, G-Press press-fit, HDPE and G-MINE PVC components. Comprehensive, competitively priced engineering and planning support services provide labour and cost savings.

All Grinnell products are backed by an industry leading ten-year limited warranty. G-Mine products are backed by a six-month warranty.

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