Wireless Communications Solutions

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS delivers innovative wireless solutions improving safety, productivity and efficiency in harsh marine and underground environments. Committed to developing industry-leading, low-power and long-range sensor-based solutions, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has been setting the industry standard since 1999.

Deployed on every continent, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' patented technology is helping optimise operations in the most challenging situations. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' impressive roster of global clients includes ConocoPhillips, Statoil, Schlumberger, GASCO, ZADCO, Swire, EuroOffshore, GDF SUEZ to mention a few.

Robust, flexible and powerful, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS delivers when others cannot.

Intelligent personnel and equipment monitoring systems

WatcherOFFSHORE2.0 from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS delivers real-time visibility of personnel and assets to maximise safety, security and productivity on offshore platforms. The fully scalable and customisable system features five integrated modules built on TrailBLAZER technology which leverage automated personnel on board (POB) counts and tracking and tracing of cargo carrying units (CCUs) and other assets to provide personnel safety and workflow optimisation solutions.

Absolutely reliable and robust, the design of the system draws on decades of on-the-job experience and close collaboration with the industry to provide a solution that exceeds the most stringent regulatory requirements. It will operate effectively without human intervention and both hardware and software can be remotely administered from onshore and offshore control rooms.

Automated mustering systems

The WatcherOFFSHORE2.0 automated mustering module communicates real-time data both between mustering points and to onshore monitoring facilities, in order to ensure accurate information is received for an effective emergency response.

Mustering points are equipped with a PDA that tracks the personnel assigned to specific lifeboats, as well as tracking those evacuating to lifeboats they were not originally assigned to. Any changes to seat allocations can thus be instantly communicated and viewed at all mustering points and at the onshore facility. Alerts automatically warn of any missing or unaccounted for visitors or rig personnel.

Designed to operate even if the server is offline, mustering station PDAs can be manually updated. Once connectivity is restored the PDA then automatically updates the server with up to the minute mustering information.

Visual and audible alarm system

When a potential problem arises, whether an illegal entrance or an environmental hazard such as fire, gas, CO2 or water, it is crucial for the appropriate personnel to be alerted immediately so that they can deal with the situation and minimise its impact.

With the WATCHEROFFSHORE2.0 alarm system module, visual and audible alerts are communicated to both the area control room and any assigned mobile devices. The alerts can in turn be prioritised and updated from both the control centre and the field. Real-time POB data is then leveraged to enable fast movement of personnel to the mustering area.

Emergency mode for simplified sue in dangerous circumstances

Although emergency mode is not a feature in the 2.0 version, the function has been developed in the new release to provide greater visibility. When switching to emergency mode there is a total change in the user interface where all important numbers such as POB and number of missing personnel are highlighted, making the system simpler to use under extreme circumstances.

Hazard zone tracker for personnel

Lone worker is a new function in the 2.0 version, this function will give you the possibility of keeping track of personnel that are working in hazardous zones.

Designed specifically for the industry, the lone worker module is activated on a timer and provides real-time alerts should the individual or a group of personnel fail to report back within the specified time. The controller is then able to utilise WatcherOFFSHORE2.0's system to locate the lone worker and confirm their safety.

Proactive logistics and maintenance scheduling

In addition to enhancing safety and security WatcherOFFSHORE2.0 can be used to increase productivity through workflow and asset optimisation. By tagging cargo carrying units (CCUs) and other high value assets on and off the platform, any movable object can be tracked and traced, be it personnel, vehicles or special equipment.

The WatcherOFFSHORE2.0software presents the information gathered from tagged assets in a real-time overview and displays it on one or more maps. This information can be used for anti-collision, access control, logistics and more. Instant access to information on and reminders about servicing, maintenance and certification schedules eliminates downtime as a result of breakdown and unscheduled servicing.

For more information on the WatcherOFFSHORE2.0 system, any of the modules and how we can deploy our technology to help your business reach its objectives, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form or details below.

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