The Most Intelligent Asset Tracking GPS Tag Designed For the Oil and Gas Industry

The Most Intelligent Asset Tracking GPS Tag Designed For the Oil and Gas Industry


IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is pleased to announce the newest and most capable GPS tag ever developed. Introducing the I-Q350LX GPS SAT tag, the world's most sophisticated combined GPS / RFID tag. The powerful combination enables customers to drive down operational costs and deliver full visibility of their assets globally.

The I-Q350LX GPS SAT tag is IP69K shock, vibration, water protection rated and ATEX/IECEx Zone 0 certified for use in hazardous explosive environments.

Following a highly competitive selection process, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS selected Globalstar's groundbreaking STX3 chipset. The STX3 simplex satellite transmitter features the lowest power-consuming technology on the market. This makes the STX3 of particular benefit for customers who need to monitor containers and high-value assets, which are dispersed in remote and harsh environments with maximised efficiency of both power and cost.

Intelligence built into a single tag determines the best and lowest cost technology to deliver precise location. By utilising the RFID module in the tag, it is now possible to automatically turn off the satellite communication, thereby significantly reducing the monthly communication costs.

GPS, satellite communication, ultra-high frequency (UHF) and low-frequency (LF) in the tag, with the integrated GPS receiver and satellite modem, the tag can transmit its GPS position either via RFID or via the globally available Globalstar satellite network.

The combination of low-power components and smart energy technology to enable the customer to configure the tag for the most optimum battery lifetime, for example, turning off the satellite communication when the asset is in storage.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has added the iQ350LX GPS/SAT tag to their already existing WatcherLOGISTICS solution platform, which has been developed specifically for oil and gas companies carrying out operations all around the globe, both land-based and offshore.

"IDENTEC SOLUTIONS continues to partner with the Oil & Gas industry to address the development and innovation of technology to meet the harsh and hazardous operational and environmental demands," said James Pentreath, global VP sales oil and gas.

"The iQ350LX GPS/SAT tag is a game changer for the industry as we help operators track billions of dollars of assets across the globe and provide real-time visibility to maximise operational efficiency."


  • Designed to survive the harshest environments and provide global satellite coverage
  • Drive down operational cost and provide global scalability
  • Combining four globally available locating technologies combined with shock and motion functionality
  • Outstanding battery lifetime developed on IDENTEC's ILR platform