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Kenz Figee Group designs, builds and services high-end hoisting and lifting equipment for the offshore Oil & Gas and Wind industries. Our decades of experience and our constant focus on innovation allow us to offer one of the best portfolios in the industry; both standard as well as custom made equipment.

Currently, the Kenz Figee Group have two active business units:

Kenz Cranes

As a trusted partner in the international offshore industry, Kenz Cranes has designed and manufactured various pedestal mounted cranes and related lifting equipment for all kinds of offshore structures and support vessels for over 50 years.

Products include:

  • Knuckle boom cranes
  • Boom hoist (rope luffing) cranes
  • Ram luffing cranes
  • Offshore access systems (gangways)
  • Special equipment (for example, gantry cranes, surge dampers, winches)

Kenz cranes are manufactured using only high qualityand extensively tested components, making them world renowned for their durability. Before delivery to the end user, every piece of equipment is subjected to rigorous tests at our facility in Zaandam. These tests can be carried out according to the regulations and guidelines of any certifying authority, including Lloyd's Register, DNV and ABS.

Every type of operation requires its own solution. Therefore, due to our extensive experience with tailor made systems, we can offer our equipment specifically according to any client specifications.

Kenz Crane Services

Our diverse client and equipment portfolio has led us to develop a full range of service, modificationand upgrade programs for almost all crane types from virtually all manufacturers. Additionally, we offer extensive refurbishment schemes that are tailor-made for specific circumstances and client preferences to ensure operability.

These encompass:

  • Maintenance and repair
  • Inspections
  • Modifications
  • Minor and major overhauls
  • Lifetime extensions
  • Training

Our well-trained professionals provide service support on location, as well as by remote access. They are backed up by our head office in Zaandam and our Singapore office.

In addition to maintenance services, we also offer training packages where personnel can be made familiar with, among others, Drives and Control, Operations and Maintenance and Mipeg 2000. Proper training in these fields is a proven means to extend the lifetime and reliability of lifting and hoisting equipment.

We provide these training packages on location or if applicable, we can facilitate one or more training sessions in our own training room in Zaandam, Amsterdam Area, the Netherlands.

Contact Details

Kenz Figee Group
PO Box 235
1500 EE Zaandam
+31 756 810 410
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