GMC Produkt

Cranes, Winches and Lifting Equipment

GMC Produkt is a manufacturer of cranes, winches and lifting equipment. Other products and services include: industrial cleaning equipment and a full range of fire fighting products and services.

Cranes for marine and offshore

  • Knuckle jib cranes 1t to 150t
  • Fixed boom cranes 1t to 500t
  • Telescope cranes 1t to 500t
  • Davits 1t to 100t


Main areas of use for GMC cranes include: ROV operation, Offshore vessels, Workshop, Provision, Service, Basket operation, Rescue, Hose handling, Fish loading and Cargo handling.

GMC Produkt provides cost effective solutions by utilising crane technology of the highest marine quality. More than 700 GMC cranes have been manufactured to ship and rig owners world wide.

The cranes are manufactured in accordance with Norwegian Standard 5514, F.E.M. crane standard and DIN 15018. On request, certificates are available from DnV, GL, LRS, ABS, NK or other certifying institutions.

Standard cranes and lifting equipment

  • Wall cranes: Capacity 1t to 50t in manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic
  • Overhead cranes: Capacity 0t to 75t in manual, pneumatic or hydraulic
  • Light Crane Systems: Capacity 0kg to 1,000kg with standard components to suit your crane track requirement
  • Elephant workshop cranes: Capacity 0t to 10t in manual hydraulic
  • Adjustable Beam-clamps and Trolleys: Capacity from 0.5t to 30t - for installation on any type of beam - standard design or custom built
  • Screw clamps: For standard and special plates and beams, capacity range 0.5t to 7.5t - high quality clamps for lifting or pulling
  • Aircushion systems: Capacity 1t to 1,500t - modular system.
  • Transport trolleys and trailers: Capacity 1t to 80t - single, double and special steering
  • Shackles: Standard or special design, capacity up to 1,250t
  • Padeyes and eyebolts: Standard or special design from 0.1t to 150t
  • Chain and components: For lifting, pulling or mooring use from 7mm to 32mm grade 80 - in standard or 2.7-1 design
  • Wire Rope: From 1mm to 164mm for mooring, lifting and pulling - standard construction and special ropes for cranes and mooring systems
  • Load cells and weight control equipment: Standard tensile load cells with display on cell or remote by cable or telemetry
  • Lifting beams, transport frames and skidding systems: Standard design and custom built from 1t to 1,000t

Winches and hoists

Winches and hoists from GMC are heavy duty equipment, particularly suitable for working in difficult environments such as Offshore, Marine, Public Works, Heavy Industries, Mining, etc. Each unit is provided with test certificate covering construction and performance.

Product range includes: Air Winches, Man-rider Winches, Air Hoists, Hydraulic Winches, Hydraulic Hoists, Electro-hydraulic Power Packs, Manual Chain, Lever and Wire Hoists, Manual and geared trolleys, Combination hoist and trolley in standard or lowheadrooms and Optional corrosion and spark resistant equipment and overload clutches.

Weak link system for drilling rigs

It is a well-known industry challenge to operate floating drilling rigs safely at all times during completion, well testing, well intervention / work over riser (WOR) operations.

Higher pressure-rated WOR systems combined with year-round operations in harsh environment areas of the world have increased the probability for catastrophic events and equipment damage during well testing and workover operations.

The GMC Weak Link system (patent pending) is specifically designed and manufactured to minimise any potential for and to avoid damages to derrick and/or drilling rig travelling assembly and load path equipment, resulting from drill string compensator failure or misuse.

The GMC Weak Link system's features include:

  • Field and industry proven design (reference list available on request)
  • Easy fit and adaptable to all API regular type drilling and extended type testing bails as well as standard elevators
  • Bails can be incorporated in the design
  • The completion / WO riser system and drill pipe landing string is also designed to prevent damage to the well barriers in case of accidental loads in the C/WO riser system (ref. ISO 13628-7, 6.7.1)
  • WOR and stack up can be pull-tested to desired pull test value before activating Weak Link system
  • Weak link activation / de-activation is 100% remote operated using hydraulics
  • Weak link load values available in range of settings to meet actual requirements

About GMC Produkt

GMC Group was established in 1973 as a service and sales company to the offshore and marine industry. Today the group has an annual turnover of around €90 million and 350 employees. The group have personnel within all trades who operate a modern base with a 200m deep water quay outside Stavanger, Norway. The group also has several other workshops and a floating dock with a 4,500t capacity.

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