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Sealion Shipping - Offshore Vessels, Ship Operations, Consultancy and Technical Support

Sealion Shipping specializes in ship operations, consultancy and technical support to the specialized marine industry. In 1982 the company expanded its activities into the support of the offshore oil and gas industry, which today forms its core market.

Based in London, Sealion is staffed by a highly experienced team who have worked together for many years. The company prides itself on being dynamic, forward looking and innovative. We place great emphasis on the high-quality management of vessels and the level of service that we provide.

Offshore vessel fleet management

Sealion manages and operates the Toisa offshore vessel fleet. From an original fleet of four small platform support vessels, Sealion now manages and operates 25 various types of sophisticated offshore vessels. A further ten vessels are currently under construction.

This fleet management is carried out from our offices in the UK and encompasses a full range of ship management operations, including:

  • Maintenance and dry-docking
  • Marine and P&I insurance
  • Operations and safety
  • Financial reporting
  • Bunkering
  • Chartering
  • Crewing
  • Storing
  • Purchasing
  • Project/new build supervision

Offshore vessel operations

Toisa’s fleet of vessels engage in a wide range of activities, all in support of the various charterers’ operations. These include the following:

  • Carriage of cargo and logistics
  • Anchor handling and towing
  • ROV support
  • Sub-sea survey
  • Post lay inspection and burial
  • Air diving
  • Saturation diving
  • Flow-line installation
  • Sub-sea construction
  • Well testing and measurement
  • Cleanup and environmental protection
  • Sub-sea ploughing / trenching
  • Offshore accommodation
  • Sub-sea / top side / heavy lift

Well test and servicing vessel

Toisa Pisces, the well test and servicing vessel, is designed to receive process and offload or store hydrocarbons and other reactive products from well test, cleanup or stimulation operations.

The Toisa Pisces is classed by DNV as DYNPOS AUTR and operates throughout in dynamic positioning (DP) class two. Two 4in, 110cm Coflexip hoses fitted on reels on the port side of the vessel are connected to the platform or drilling unit to form an import and export line. Imported fluids pass through a shipboard choke before being diverted to the production or cleanup trains.

Multi-purpose dive support offshore construction and pipelay vessel

Built in May 1999, the British Toisa Perseus multi-purpose dive support offshore construction and pipelay vessel meets the Det Norske Veritas class, as well as +1A1, EO, DSVIII / DSVI, SF Dynpos AUTRO, ERN (99, 99, 98) and HELDK classifications. The vessel is compliant with the MODU code and MOU regulations.

Multi-purpose offshore construction and dive-support vessel

The Toisa Proteus multi-purpose offshore construction and dive-support vessel is designed for a wide range of uses, including:

  • Fibre optic cable laying and maintenance
  • Offshore oil and gas field construction
  • Flexible and steel pipeline installation
  • Live well intervention
  • Well testing and production
  • ROV and saturation diving

The Toisa Proteus saturation diving system, certified by DNV to a pressure rating of 300m depth, is fitted with a three-man diving bell and a saturation diving complex consisting of living chambers for up to 14 divers (one six-man chamber plus two four-man chambers). The system, constructed to the highest international standards, is designed to be installed on the deck of the Toisa Proteus, and deployed through a moonpool.

DP III construction class saturation diving-support vessel

Toisa Pegasus, a DP III construction-class saturation diving-support vessel, was built in April 2008 to the following classifications: Det Norske Veritas, +1A1 , EO, DSV-SAT, SF, Dynpos AUTRO, HELDK and DK+. The diving support vessel is compliant with the MODU code and MOU regulations.

DP II ROV support and platform supply vessels

Toisa Coral / Toisa Crest / Toisa Conqueror General vessels have been designed as multi-purpose platform supply and ROV-support vessels. With 5,228bhp and IMO class two DP systems, they are ideally suited for a wide range of roles in the subsea oil and telecommunications industries.

The ships have accommodation for a total of 40 personnel in one and two berth cabins with en-suite bathroom facilities. The accommodation is air conditioned with both warm and cold air supplies to each cabin for independent temperature control. All modern facilities are provided including an enlarged galley, mess room and coffee room to cater for the vessel’s complement.

Platform supply and anchor-handling tug supply vessels

Sealion provides a wide range of platform supply and anchor-handling tug supply vessels from Toisa. Please visit our website for more details.

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Sealion Shipping Limited
Gostrey House
Union Road
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1252 737773
Fax: +44 1252 737770

Sealion manages and operates 25 offshore vessels, including the Toisa Pisces, a well test and servicing vessel.
The Toisa Perseus is a multi-purpose dive support offshore construction and pipelay vessel, which was built in 1999.
Toisa Proteus, a multi-purpose offshore construction and dive-support vessel, provides support in fibre optic cable laying and maintenance, and offshore oil and gas field construction.
Toisa Pegasus is a dynamic positioning III, construction-class saturation diving-support vessel, designed for use in offshore construction.

The Toisa Coral is one of three dynamic positioning II ROV support and platform supply vessels, and accommodates up to 40 people.
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