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Specialist engineering company

STATS Group is a specialist engineering company that operates predominantly in the arena of piping and pipeline integrity and maintenance.

We supply a comprehensive range of products and services which enable piping and pipeline isolation, intervention and repair, as well as subsea and shutdown services. We also supply products and services for infield and trunk pipelines both onshore and subsea, as well as processing and distribution terminal facilities.

High-pressure pipeline isolation

STATS Group are a trusted partner in providing pipeline isolation services, our dedicated team offer a consultation service to assist operators in assessing the optimum solution for their pipeline isolation requirements. Our comprehensive range of products and services provide the highest practical pipeline isolation integrity for the application.

STATS' extensive Tecno Plug™ range allows for isolations to be undertaken from ambient through to high-pressure applications while the system remains live and at operating pressure. Dual-seal Tecno Plugs enable inspection or maintenance work to be carried out safely and efficiently while meeting stringent double block and bleed legislation. Available for remote, tethered, piggable or manual deployment and operation, STATS' Tecno Plugs provide a robust system for safety critical activities.

Intervention and isolation

STATS have designed and manufactured a number of world-beating products, which have led major operators to reassess how they manage intervention and isolation projects.

Pipeline intervention and isolation can be achieved using STATS' patented BISEP™. The BISEP range provides double block and bleed isolation deployed through a single full-bore branch or hot tap penetration. The seal annulus port proves and monitors the seal integrity before and during intervention work.

STATS' BI-STOP™ small bore intervention and isolation service provides a unique process that has been developed to address problems with small-bore pipework that have absent or limited isolation facilities. The process enables small-bore pipework and branches to be isolated, cut and terminated with a full-bore valve whilst the system remains live.

Hydrostatic testing

In-line and flanged weld test tools are commonly used during the maintenance and modification of piping or process equipment, enabling localised pressure testing. Inserted into the piping or equipment component to be tested, weld test tools provide a fast and efficient method of verifying the integrity of butt welds, joints or other welded pipe components.

STATS' patented pipe-end plugs facilitate hydrostatic leak and strength tests by providing a cap to open-ended pipe, pipe spools or piping systems. Internal and external pipe end plugs (I-PEP™ and E-PEP™) allow the pipework to be quickly and efficiently pressure-tested with minimum preparation to the pipe end and no remedial work after removal.

Mechanical pipe connection and tie-in clamps

Mechanical connectors and couplings provide a reliable, cost-effective alternative to welded flange connections and terminations for both critical and non-critical service pipework. The slipover design and mechanical locking assembly significantly reduce system downtime and overall cost of the modification, without the need for hot work.

Tie-in clamps, when supplied with locks and seals, provide structural containment fitted with a branched off-take to suit system specification. Tie-in clamps enable efficient connection of new branch pipework to existing infrastructure without the requirement for welding.

Process and pipeline repair clamps

STATS' repair clamps are designed and manufactured for simple installation on damaged or leaking pipework to fully restore pressure integrity. Locks and dual seals provide structural containment, transferring the full axial load of the pipe to the clamp body allowing the clamp to withstand full pipeline separation loads.

Pipe handling

STATS provide a range of pipe handling equipment for the safe and controlled handling of piles, pipelines and caissons. Internal and external lifting tools (ILT and ELT) cover a range of sizes for pile handling and caisson removal. STATS' pipeline retrieval tools (PRT) provide subsea pipeline recovery.

Subsea service

STATS has developed a diverse range of piping-related products and services, which have global application in the oil and gas sectors for subsea and marine applications. STATS partners major operators in the development and support of emergency pipeline repair systems (EPRS) to minimise the downtime of damaged subsea pipelines.

Onsite machining services

STATS provides personnel for worldwide field support on all product lines. We also offer onsite machining services, including hot tapping, cold cutting and beveling, flange facing, bolting and 'internal' camera inspection services.

Project design, engineering and management

Project management and engineering services are provided to support client needs including turnaround scopes, feasibility studies and contingency planning. Our in-house expertise covers the plant's lifecycle from pre-commissioning through to decommissioning and abandonment.

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