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Production Fastening Systems (PFS) is an industry-leading provider of high-performance stud welding and metal fastening products for the oil and gas sector.

Our product range includes a wide variety of premium-quality metal fasteners, fastening systems, assemblies and related components, and we are committed to providing our worldwide customer base with consistently reliable, hands-on customer service.

Pneumatic tube separation systems for offshore applications

PFS’s T-SEP™ Assembly solution has been carefully developed to prevent crevice corrosion while simultaneously maintaining separation between pneumatic tube delivery systems.

Parallel lengths of pneumatic tubing have traditionally been separated via ‘saddles’ or ‘notching’, which despite being effective for separation purposes can allow corrosive elements to gather either at points separation or beneath the tubes themselves.

The unique design of our T-SEP Assembly system enables corrosive elements to escape the tubing before any damage is caused, making the solution a safe and highly efficient method of pneumatic tube separation.

Our innovative T-SEP Assembly technology was initially launched in 2000 and has since been revised to include various additions and improvements to ensure consistently optimal results.

The latest version is non-metallic variant that has been developed to maintain a 3in-16in separation within the tubes, which has proven to achieve a significant reduction in crevice corrosion by mitigating metal-to-metal contact within the tubing networks.

Slotted cable hangers for oil and gas sites

In addition cutting-edge stud welding equipment and materials, PFS’s extensive product catalogue also comprises arc stud and capacitor discharge stud welders, tube separation assemblies and weld studs, as well as cable hangers and other solutions, allowing the company to address customers’ wide-ranging welding and fastening needs.

We have introduced several pioneering products onto the market throughout our 30 years of operation, including PFS SLP-type pneumatic tube supports, pneumatic channel brackets (PTCB) and advanced grating fasteners.

Furthermore, our best-selling product, the PFS slotted cable hanger, has amassed a ‘zero rejection’ reputation since its unveiling in 1991.

On-site training for offshore fastening equipment

PFS is dedicated to providing clients with high-quality, hands-on technical support after the point of sale, ensuring that customers’ experience and contact with the company does not end with the product order.

Our skilled, factory-certified technical staff are equipped with more than 20 years’ experience in the field of stud welding engineering.

They are able to develop bespoke solutions according to customers’ individual project specifications upon request, as well as provide extensive on-site equipment training to ensure clients are able to achieve the highest level of performance from our technology.

About Production Fastening Systems

Production Fastening Systems LLC was originally founded in 1987 and has since grown into a recognised and well-respected distributor of stud welding solutions and related equipment.

The company has been providing robust metal fastening products and comprehensive customer support to the offshore, steel fabrication and shipbuilding industries for more than three decades, and is committed to ensuring clients are supplied with the optimum solution for their operational requirements.

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Production Fastening Systems, LLC

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Production Fastening Systems, LLC

435 Calhoun Street

New Orleans



United States of America

+1 800 216 1827 +1 504 891 6222 +1 504 891 6229

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