AMOG Consulting

Specialist Consulting Services to the Offshore Industry

AMOG Consulting is an ISO:9001:2008 certified specialist engineering consultancy offering leading solutions to the international market from our bases in Australia and the US.

AMOG provides outstanding value to our clients through the application of our deep skills and knowledge in scientific and engineering principles to produce the best possible solution within available cost and time constraints, whilst providing a professionally stimulating and rewarding place of work for our employees.

We work to form close relationships where we can deliver our specialist engineering skills to reduce technical risk and complexity and overall cost of ownership for our clients.

We maintain leading-edge capability in mooring and riser system analysis and design; offshore and onshore structure analysis and design; safety engineering; marine renewable energy; and coastal and underwater infrastructure protection.

Mooring and riser systems

AMOG provides the following services for mooring and riser systems:

  • Analysis and design
  • System integrity management
  • Residual life assessment
  • Installation planning
  • Cyclone and specialty mooring design and installation
  • Vortex induced vibration

Offshore and onshore structural analysis and design

AMOG's offshore and onshore structural analysis and design services include:

  • Turret systems
  • Jacket structures
  • Bulk ore handling machines
  • Naval architecture
  • Fatigue and residual life assessment
  • Boat impact assessment
  • Blast and dynamic loading assessment
  • Remote continuous monitoring
  • Failure investigation and expert witness

Offshore safety engineering

AMOG provides the following offshore safety engineering services:

  • Safety case development
  • Safety management system development
  • Major hazard facility audit
  • Fire and blast analysis and protective system design
  • Toxic plume spread (smoke, exhaust and chemical)
  • HAZID, HAZAN, HAZOP, SIL Assessment, FMEA / FMECA and other analysis techniques
  • Software assurance
  • Training
  • Hazard tracking systems

Marine renewable energy services

AMOG offers a range of marine renewable energy services, including mooring and foundation design, installation engineering and project management.

Coastal and underwater infrastructure protection services

AMOG's coastal and underwater infrastructure protection services include pipeline and cable stability assessment, pipeline and cable protection system design (including anchor impact), and coastal structure design (breakwaters, mooring systems, piers and pylons).

Offshore floating production projects

AMOG has delivered specialist engineering solutions to over 135 floating production and floating production-related projects in more than 45 fields worldwide. We have the specialist tools and practical experience to deliver the right solution to meet offshore project timelines.

We are particularly skilled and current in the specialist techniques and requirements associated with deep-water developments. Skills that have been developed and honed in our association with the DeepStar and SCORCH JIPs, the development of Shear 7 and the practical design and analysis of deepwater facilities.

Marine services for deepwater field developments

AMOG is a world leader in providing marine solutions for deepwater field developments. AMOG has extensive deepwater experience in areas relating to hull form selection, disconnectable mooring and riser systems, vessel conversion, vortex-induced vibration, field architecture, deepwater installation, development economics and concept screening.

Offshore mooring systems

AMOG provides mooring services across a range of industry sectors. With access to leading engineers possessing extensive experience in mooring design and established relationships with key suppliers, AMOG can design, supply and install your mooring system to meet the particular demands of your industry. We specifically offer mooring engineering and equipment for the following applications:

  • Spread moorings
  • Infield moorings
  • Special purpose offshore systems
  • Cyclone moorings
  • Aquaculture moorings
  • Ocean renewable energy devices
  • Port layout and navigation aid specification and supply

Inspection and maintenance services for marine structures

Carefully designed and managed inspection and maintenance routines are essential to the longevity of any marine infrastructure. While AMOG’s design team will optimise your solution to meet cost, fatigue, operational and environmental constraints, there will always be a requirement – whether imposed by regulators or as part of best practice infrastructure management – to conduct inspections on key structural and safety elements and to perform the appropriate preventative and corrective maintenance when necessary.

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