Atlas Copco Hurricane

High-Pressure Rigsafe and Zone 2 Booster Compressors

Atlas Copco Hurricane high-pressure booster compressors are specially designed in regards to flexibility, size and weight for optimum productivity and profitability, and can be fully customised to customers' specifications.

Booster compressors for offshore, enhanced oil recovery and drilling applications

Hurricane booster compressors are ideal for a number of applications, including pipeline services such as purging, dewatering, drying and pressure testing; well services such as testing, logging, cleaning, stimulation and fracturing; and drilling. Models come with Rigsafe features as standard, for offshore use.

Zone 2 applications include enhanced oil recovery / gas lifting, starting air (back start), instrumentation / service air, inert gas blanketing, fracturing / perforation and drilling waste management.

Rigsafe vs zone 2 compressors

Atlas Copco Hurricane manufacture compressors to either Rigsafe (offshore) or Zone 2 specification.

Rigsafe standard equipment come either with a lifting cage or are containerised, and built within a spillage-free frame. They also include an inlet shutdown valve and a spark arrester, with a standard engine.

Zone 2 specialised compressors / boosters include all of the features of rigsafe, but also extras such as optional gas detection system (3GP), an adapted engine, a pneumatic starter, anti-static fans and belts, and an emergency shutdown system that is monitored by numerous sensors.

Controlled by a custom control model to link systems tongether, the system's fuel lines and electronic connections are protected. Zone 2 compressors come with special third-party certification and documentation.

B18-62/2250 offshore booster

Atlas Copco Hurricane's B18-62/2250 offshore booster is the highest-capacity booster in a 20ft container, with a robust design to withstand rough conditions and extreme temperatures. DNV-certified, the sound-proof booster is easily transportable and stackable, and highly flexible thanks to its staging valves (two-stage or one-stage operation).

The B18-62/2250 comes with rigsafe features, and features an automatic load / unload system, making it impressively fuel-efficient.

XAS 375 CD6 compressor for offshore applications

Atlas Copco Hurricane has created a Rigsafe version of the existing XAS375 compressor, designed to enable it to be lifted and transported for offshore use.

The unit uses the CATC4.4 mechanical engine with pneumatic controls, which eliminates most of the electricals, makes it reliable and simplifies maintenance. Designed for use in sand blasting and maintenance (pneumatic tooling), the XAS375 CD6 is 375 at 100psi.

Features of the XAS 375 CD6 include:

  • Self-contained and easily transportable. (DNV2.7-1 crash frame, air start receiver tanks)
  • Offshore coated canopy and crash frame
  • Coated coolers, anti static fan belts and fan
  • Air starter (other options available), offshore air filters, spark arrestor, over speed shut down valve, wrapped exhaust, heavy duty 30 micron fuel filter and central drains
  • External E stop and over speed shut down

1600 CFM 10 bar Zone 2 20ft container

The CE-compliant 1600 CFM Zone 2 20ft container unit features a DNV-specified stackable pneumatic control panel mounted on one side, mild steel power coated louvers for ventilation, external fuel connections, flashing lights, external E stop and an exhaust that can be ducted to one side with a stacking frame on top.

The Zone 2-compliant unit features:

  • Compressor element as open skid XATS1600 unit
  • After cooler with water separator
  • Drive engine 328kw (440hp) ATEX with Miretti
  • Tier 2 mechanical engine with exhaust temp not exceeding 200 °C (392 °F)
  • Eight-hour fuel tank
  • Internal lighting with isolation switch
  • Bonded base for 120% of all fluid containment
  • Flashing warning light with horn
  • Fire suppression system
  • Central drains
  • E coat cooler treatment

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