Bluefin Robotics

Modular Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Batteries and Technology for Subsea Industries

Bluefin Robotics is the leading provider of free-flooded, modular autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and related technologies for commercial, scientific and defence customers worldwide.

Offering AUV platforms, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and custom subsea batteries configured from standard modules, we have expertise and resources dedicated exclusively to subsea platform development and production.

Products include the lightweight, rapidly deployable Bluefin-9, the reconfigurable Bluefin-12, and the deep-water Bluefin-21.

Bluefin Robotics is ISO 9001:2008 certified and provides expertise for the full lifecycle of its products, including research and development, technology integration, full-scale manufacturing, system training and operations support.

Hardware and software for autonomous data collection

With Bluefin AUVs you can ditch the tether and collect data fully autonomously. Our vehicles are stable and navigate accurately, yielding high-quality data even at the greatest depths. You will run more precise tracklines, follow bottom contours, and complete very tight turns, increasing your coverage rate efficiency and collecting data faster without even managing a tether system. That means less crew and less risk.

Whether you have a specific job or are building up a flexible capability, choose from dozens of payloads or have our engineering team install one of your choice. If your needs change in the future, simply swap out a payload section to achieve maximum utility from a single system.

Bluefin AUVs boast field-swappable components for high efficiency and flexibility even at sea. Fully pressure-tolerant batteries ensure you do not have to break into a pressure vessel to refuel, and their high-energy density chemistry supplies the most endurance for the least volume. The batteries are air-shippable, making the entire system ideal for remote or ship-of-opportunity operations.

Lastly, our vehicles come standard with the Operator Tool Suite, a comprehensive software package that provides the interface between the AUV and the operator for all mission phases. This Windows-based tool suite includes everything necessary to run and manage the system, including vehicle check-out and testing, mission planning, vehicle communications, mission monitoring and execution, data management and post-mission analysis.

From hardware to software, Bluefin AUVs are designed for real-world operations so you can collect the best possible data.

Hovering AUVs for underwater ship inspection

Originally developed to meet the rigorous demands of the US Navy, the Hovering AUV (HAUV) is a two-man-portable hovering autonomous underwater vehicle, designed for ship hull inspection. Now you can take advantage of this technology to inspect other infrastructure, including dams, piers, rigs, submerged pipelines and cables, as well as commercial vessels.

Equipped with high-resolution imaging sonar, HAUV surveys ship hulls and other structures autonomously, and use a light, fibre-optic tether to provide real-time data and manual control. This maintains a constant, safe standoff distance reducing the risk of collision. HAUV can achieve 100% coverage of a ship hull, what can it do for you?

Deep-ocean remotely operated vehicles

Bluefin is launching a new class of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). The Hawkes ROVs have range and depth capabilities well beyond most current ROVs, without requiring heavy tether management systems for deployment, reducing your operational costs. Our ROVs can be launched from any ship, and you can operate multiple ROVs from a single craft.

A range of fibre-optic tethers, including both reusable and disposable options, provides high-bandwidth communications and control at slant ranges as long as 20km. With none of the high drag associated with traditional tethers, Bluefin's Hawkes ROVs not only have greater range, but are also much easier to operate than traditional ROV systems.

Commercially off-the-shelf energy-dense lithium polymer batteries provide high-power availability when and where you need it. With no tether drag to speak of, and no loss of power through transmission cables, all of the energy can be used getting to the job site and getting the work done. Featuring 100kg of forward thrust, Bluefin's Hawkes ROVs can get up to speeds as high as 6 knots.

Bluefin's current line-up of ROVs includes systems optimised for deepwater work, long-range survey and observation; systems combing work, observation, and range. With modular battery packs and high payload capacity, each system can be customised for your specific application.

High-energy, air-shippable lithium batteries for subsea applications

Bluefin's subsea batteries are a reliable, proven energy solution for a variety of subsea applications such as AUVs, ROVs, buoys and other installations. The standard 1.5kWh pack is waterproof, pressure-tolerant, and includes its own smart electronics for self-balancing, monitoring and safety. If more power is needed, simply connect batteries in parallel for a scalable endurance solution.

Drop-and-play, blind-mateable connectors allow you to easily swap packs in minutes at sea without ever opening a pressure vessel. Delivered in a convenient and robust UN-certified case, each Bluefin subsea battery is 31lbs of air-shippable power for wherever and whenever you need it.

Have a unique application? With our robust energy technology, custom battery designs are easily engineered. The units themselves are modular so they can be connected in series for a variety of platforms.

In addition, the basic building blocks of the battery, the quanta, are also modular so can be reconfigured and paired with custom electronics. The resulting custom battery can be packaged in either pressure-compensated housing or a pressure vessel.

High capacity batteries for subsea use

Several funded research projects have allowed us to design and develop very high capacity batteries for number of unique subsea applications. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

We are eager to learn about your subsea challenges and look forward to working with you to provide solutions. Contact us to learn more about our systems and discuss your application with an AUV expert. Your data is just below the surface.

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