Eureka Safety Full Impact Protection Heavy-Duty Offshore Gloves

Industrial safety gloves

Eureka specialises in the manufacture and supply of working gloves that specifically optimised for use in the oil and gas industry.

The company uses its deep knowledge of textile performance fibres accumulated during our 58-year company history to meet the explicit demands of its end users, and consistently aims to set new quality levels for safety, durability and comfort.

Our ambition is supported by new technologies that help us to combine premium-level quality with affordability, and our gloves continue to set new standards for performance in arc flash, cut, puncture, needle and vibration control.

Anti-Vibration (AV) gloves for offshore worksites

Prolonged exposure to vibration is known to cause irreversible injuries, including hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), vibration-induced white fingers syndrome and extreme sensitivity to cold, as well as loss of sensitivity, muscle power and dexterity.

Unlike most other workplace injuries, HAVS accumulates slowly over the years and its onset cannot be traced back to any specific accident.

Eureka’s AV gloves provide different kinds of protection at a wide range frequencies, and to complicate the matter ever more all gloves have situations where they may cause harmful resonance, in particular at the fingers.

Eureka provides a unique solution to this problem with its 15-1 Transient Vibration gloves, which are a high-dexterity glove designed for protection against impacting tools, as well as the regular Impact Vibration series for use with impacting and fast rotating tools (>400Hz / 24 000rpm). Winter-optimised variants of the Impact Vibration models are also available.

Moderate and low speed rotating tools require the optional half-finger Impact Vibration Flexi glove, which are ideal for slower rotating tools while being unsuitable for impacting tools.

Until recently there were few effective AV glove solutions available for use with angle grinder machinery, however our patent pending Impact Vibration Amplitude series has been found to reduce vibrations at finger tips from 150-200Hz (12 000rpm) and above.

New impact protection testing for personnel safety

The new EN388 standard will incorporate the EN 1621 impact test method, which measures the remaining force transmitted to the hand after a 5J impact.

This is the equivalent of a 1kg orange-sized steel ball dropped from a 50cm height.

The requirement for EN 388 will be a maximum force of 7kN (approximately 700kg), which is close to what the average hand can take without suffering bone breakage.

High-quality impact protection gloves for oil and gas applications

Our Impact Xtreme series is able to leave a remaining force of less than 3kN, while our super-dexterous Impact Light series leaves between 4kN to 7kN.

The latest batch of our standard 1515-2 Impact Light glove will come in below the threshold.

Eureka’s Impact Xtreme series provides superior impact defence, featuring with high cut-resistance, mud grip, puncture or winter protection.

The Impact Light series combines excellent dexterity and protection at an affordable cost. This series includes a winter glove, FR / cut-resistant glove and the standard aramid-based 1515-2 Impact Light glove.

Puncture and needle-resistant gloves for marine operations

Eureka’s Swedish research and product development facility has created two distinct fabrics designed for puncture, cut and needle-resistance:

  • SupraBlock Stop fabric with a needle-resistance around 9N (ASTM 2878 / 25 gauge needle) and CE & ANSI cut 5
  • SupraBlock Soft fabric is breathable, softer and provides about 5N and CE cut level 3

Eureka has a wide selection of products that deliver a high level of protection against steel wire splinters, needles or combined cuts / punctures.

EN 407-certified arc flash protection for offshore platforms

Eureka’s FR coating meets and surpasses the EN 407 burning behavior safety standard and provides excellent resistance to propane fires, as well as arc flash incidents.

The 13-4 Heat FR series is well documented to safeguard personnel at levels of up to 23cals/cm2, with the lined version offering extra heavy-duty protection for up to 30-40cal.

Cut-resistant gloves for marine environments

Eureka’s ISO 13997-approved cut-resistant gloves are able to provide protection against forces of up to 41N in the seamless models, and 60N for cut and sewn.

The gloves are arranged into the ’13-4 General’ family (Cut E & F, 28-40N), which are the most versatile of the range, while the ‘Cool’ family (Cut B – F, 7-41+N) consists of super-thin or protective cool-feel variants.

Our ‘Heat’ series of gloves is specially designed for use for temperature-intensive environments, and provides robust safeguarding against flames and arc flash incidents.

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Press Release

Taking the Arcflash Protection to New Levels

Eureka is now launching its uprated 13-4 Heat FR glove.

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Eureka Safety Gloves

Eureka has a wide range of safety gloves for industrial applications. The company's products include cut & sewn, impact, seamless and winter gloves.

Eureka Safety

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Press Release

11 July 2016

Eureka is now launching its uprated 13-4 Heat FR glove.

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10 July 2014

Eureka is now launching its new 13-4 Heat FR glove. The Para aramid, glass and spandex composite liner provides a cut EN388 level 5 as well as ANSI cut level 4.

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Eureka Safety

Ingela Gathenhielms gata 3

SE-421 30 Västra Frölunda


+46 31 75 10 850

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