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Falck Safety Services is one of the world’s leading providers of safety training and offshore services. Each year Falck Safety Services provides training for delegates from the oil and gas, shipping, defence and aviation industries worldwide.

Falck Safety Services can also provide advanced fire fighting training through Falck Risc. Furthermore, Falck Safety Services offers consultancy services regarding safety, contingency plans and management of major emergencies (MOME), especially for the offshore sector and petrochemical industry.

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Offshore health and safety courses

Falck Safety Services can provide a wide range of OPITO, OLF, NOGEPA and STCW approved courses, such as:

  • Basic safety and emergency course (OPITO, OLF, NOGEPA)
  • Helicopter landing officer (HLO)
  • H2S basic course
  • Offshore fire team leader
  • Offshore fire team member
  • First aid (basic)
  • First aid (advanced)
  • Lifeboat coxswain (free-fall, skidded and conventional)
  • Basic safety for wind turbines
  • Boat transfer with man overboard
  • Courses customised to clients' needs

Safe welding enclosure

Hot work on offshore installations is a serious matter and will often result in "shut-in time", but with the right equipment the "shut-in time" can be kept at a minimum. The HAZTEC safe welding enclosure allows the operator to carry on as usual.

Fire fighting simulation

Falck Safety Services has fire grounds ideal for simulating a wide range of situations, ranging from small fires extinguished with handheld equipment to large-scale blazes and high-pressure gas fires. Among the course modules available are fighting fires in planes, ships, houses, helicopter decks, helicopters, gas installations and galleys.

Health and safety courses

Falck Safety Services can provide a wide range of high-level health and safety training courses. The courses can be held at the company's premises or at the client's onshore or offshore facilities. Courses available cover topics such as:

  • General health and safety
  • Helideck operations
  • Banksman slinger and lifting operations
  • Crane training and forklift
  • Dangerous goods handling

Crisis management consultancy

Falck Safety Services Consultancy works closely with clients to establish comprehensive routines and train decision makers in order to prevent loss of life, personal injury, damage to equipment, and loss of time and reputation.

Falck Safety Services utilises a three-pronged approach concentrating on behaviour before, during and after an incident on strategic, tactical and operational levels. Among the courses offered are:

  • OIM coaching and assessment (OPITO approved)
  • Crisis management
  • Development of contingency plans
  • Media handling
  • Assessment of individuals and teams

Compliance Management Solutions

Compliance Management Solutions (CMS) is a division of Falck Safety Services focused on the core business of training compliance, accountability and performance. CMS relies on four simple principles:

  • Falck CMS is a "drawn in" matrix, logistics and vendor management service for mandatory or discretionary training and maritime licensing
  • Falck CMS is offered wholly or partially complimentary to qualified clients
  • Falck CMS personnel can be wholly embedded, partially embedded of off-site - it is totally flexible
  • Falck Safety Services is recognised as the safety training provider of first choice

Experienced training staff

Instructors at Falck Safety Services centres are multi-skilled, qualified and are among the best in the industry. Many have experience from the offshore sector, maritime sector or armed forces. The right blend of on-the-job and theoretical experience enables them to deliver training that closely mirrors real emergency situations.

Mobile and deployable autonomous training system

The Falck Safety Services MTU concept is an OPITO approved, fully functioning autonomous training solution designed to be fully mobile and rapidly deployable in urban as well as remote locations. The MTU supports the following courses: helicopter underwater egress training (HUET), sea survival, fire and confined space training, offshore industry lifeboat training, and other client-specific training.

If deployed close to a harbour the lifeboat can be removed and launched into the harbour, which makes it possible to provide coxswain training as well.

Authentic training environments

Falck Safety Services facilities are purpose-built to create a total illusion of real-life environments. The theoretical parts of our courses are held in modern classrooms equipped with the latest audio-visual aids. Practical training is provided in a variety of training simulators such as:

  • Training ships
  • Launching installations for rescue capsules
  • Free-fall launching towers
  • Fast rescue boats
  • Indoor training pools equipped with wave, rain and wind machines as well as helicopter underwater-escape simulators
  • Well equipped fire grounds

Our worldwide facilities

The Falck Safety Services Group consists of Falck Safety Services, Falck Onsite, Falck Prime Atlantic, MSTS and Falck Risc, and has training centres in Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Azerbaijan, Canada, the US, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Nigeria and UAE.

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