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Harding - Lifeboats, Rescue Boats and Davits

Harding is the global market leader of marine life-saving systems, with a sold track record of deliveries to offshore installations and vessels worldwide. The company developed the first lifeboat (FF1200) fulfilling the new DNV 406 regulation for the North Sea and it is also the developer of the enclosed davit system.

Harding was formed in 2013 when Schat Harding and Noreq AS merged together in order to form the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of lifesaving equipment. Its history, however, goes all the way back to the 1920s.


Harding offers a wide range of lifeboat solutions for the offshore and shipping industry. Through its years of experience and knowledge, the company is able to offer clients products from standard lifeboats to high-end products for the most complex of projects. All have timely delivery and high-quality documentation.

  • Free-fall system (offshore)
  • Free- fall system (shipping)
  • Totally enclosed lifeboats
  • Partially enclosed lifeboats

Rescue boats

Harding offers a new range of rescue boat systems for offshore applications, merchant and passenger vessels. Its special designs ensure great stability and optimal working conditions on vessels in rough sea conditions.

The company delivers rescue boats with a petrol engine or diesel inboard engine. All boats are delivered to the latest IMO/SOLAS regulations (MED 96 / 98 AC).

  • Rigid rescue boats
  • Fast rescue boats

Davit systems

Harding's unique totally enclosed davit concept has established a new standard when it comes to safety, cost of installation and savings on maintenance cost. The integration of highly efficient electrical and hydraulic systems into the davit structure provides optimal protection against wear and tear.

The totally enclosed davits are intended for long-term reliable operation in harsh and hazardous marine and offshore environments. The enclosed design also makes a perfect fit for operation under arctic climate conditions. Harding's davit system is designed in accordance with the latest IMO/SOLAS requirements, LSA Code and European Council Directive 96/98 on Marine Equipment (MED).

The carefully considered and epoch-making design of Harding's NPD system is an advantage when it comes to maintenance and service, installation and deck preparations and for heating in Arctic climates. The lifeboat is launched either from inside the boat or using the remote control unit supplied as standard. Recovery of the lifeboat is performed by an electric / hydraulic winch.

  • Ship davits
  • Rig davits


Harding offers a complete range of new high-quality next-generation hooks that come directly from the frontline of product development, techniques and regulations.

SeaCure lifeboat release and retrieval systems (the new name for hooks) meet or exceed all IMO requirements and have an optional industry recommended Secondary Safety System. The design is based on years of experience and feedback in service. It is safe to use and simple to operate and maintain. The SeaCure hook improves safety of crews and increases their confidence in the lifeboats.

  • Sea cure hooks
  • Raft and rescue boat hooks
  • Re-hooking

Harding company history

Harding was formed in June 2013 when Herkules Capital acquired both Schat-Harding and Noreq in order to form the world's leading supplier of lifesaving equipment. However, the name Harding has a long history within the industry. It goes all the way back to the late 60s, when the first totally enclosed lifeboat in GRP was released under the name Harding Safety. Today, Harding is a vital company with a strong tradition of innovation and hard work setting the standard for safety at sea.

Harding is extremely proud to be one of the leading players in the industry, but the company's aim is always higher. It strives to meet customer needs both in commercial terms as well as operational demands. By a continuous focus on innovation and product development, Harding will take safety further in order to always offer the best available technology to meet client needs and demands.

Contact Details

Harding Safety AS
Seimsvegen 116
5472 Seimsfoss
Tel: +47 53 48 36 00

The Harding FF1200 lifeboat fulfills DNV 406 for the North Sea.
A Harding FRB-1 rescue boat.
Harding totally enclosed davits are capable of long-term reliable operation in harsh and hazardous marine and offshore environments.
A Harding TEL-3 totally enclosed davit.
sea cure hook A SeaCure lifeboat release and retrieval system.
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