Cut, Puncture and Impact Protection

Safety equipment to protect and reduce puncture

Our mission at HexArmor® has always been the same: to be the trusted advisors for your safety program. From the very beginning we have believed that safety could be better. Better cut resistance, better value, better dexterity, and better collaboration between our customers and our designers. We set out to create the safest, highest quality products on the market, and have done so, breaking new ground in cut, puncture, needle, and abrasion resistance, all without sacrificing dexterity.

Maximize protection and reduce cut, puncture and impact injuries

HexArmor designers have worked hand-in-hand with safety experts from Halliburton, Noble Drilling, ExxonMobil, and other leaders in the oil and gas industry to engineer a glove with the capability to deliver the perfect balance of exceptional protection, dexterity and grip. While competitive 'advanced technology' work gloves provided some protection against impact injuries, research highlighted that the majority of injuries in many sectors of the oil and gas industry were cut and puncture, and that existing glove designs offered little protection against these often painful and debilitating injuries.

HexArmor applied current industry data to develop and design specific technical solutions for the offshore oil industry's major safety challenges in hand protection. While creating solutions to protect against punctures, cuts and impact injuries, maintaining the essential grip and feel required to work fast, efficiently and safely were also a leading criteria in the development and engineering of our line-up of oil and gas gloves.

Cut-resistant gloves

HexArmor products with SuperFabric® offer industry-leading cut resistance, exceeding both ISEA/ANSI and CE/EN388 level 5 cut-resistance. Performance is enhanced through the configuration of tiny guard plates which provide resistance to lacerations and slashes like no other material on the market.

Typical cut-resistant gloves are made with performance fibers (Kevlar, Dyneema, Spectra). While these gloves offer some levels of cut-resistance, they lack the ability to prevent hazards from puncturing or penetrating the skin surface. When a jagged piece of metal, wire, glass, or splinter comes up against a cut-resistant glove fiber, it will find a 'window' between the fiber rows and cause a laceration.

At HexArmor, our cut-resistant gloves offer more than just protection from straight edge cut hazards. We realize there are variables (force, angle, application) that come into play and can affect how a cut hazard will connect with the user. SuperFabric is an ideal solution for cut-resistant gloves, as it protects from both straight-edged cuts and variable situations.

Puncture-resistant gloves

HexArmor gloves, arm, and body protection for oil and gas applications made with SuperFabric materials, are engineered to deflect and block industrial puncture hazards by limiting the space between the guard plates. Our puncture-resistance is unique because it stops a variety of industrial puncture hazards, where other technologies only perform well in test environments.

Due to their inherent construction, conventional materials such as cotton, leather, aramids, and nylon are unable to stop sharp objects from penetrating through the material. HexArmor puncture-resistant gloves, arm, and body protection were engineered to deflect and block sharp industrial punctures. We have solutions for puncture hazards as thick as a wood splinter, and as fine as a single wire strand from a steel braided cable. HexArmor offers real industrial puncture protection - we know because our end users tell us that we have saved them from thousands of puncture injuries.

Industry-leading impact-resistant gloves

HexArmor's new, proprietary HexArmor IR-X™ Impact Guards, engineered with advanced impact shielding materials, deliver a superior level of protection against the types of impact injuries that can quite literally take you off the job. HexArmor's impact guard design is 30% taller than competitors, and has the ability to dampen blunt force to the hand better than any other product on the market, including the KONG and Ringer (up to 133% more rebound).

HexArmor IR-X Impact Guards are created with optimal density and rebound properties. While competitive impact guards transfer much of the blunt force impact to the hand, HexArmor IR-X Impact Guards deflect the impact of hazardous and damaging blows before they ever reach your hand. IR-X guards cover the entire back of the hand, including the knuckles and fingers, where the majority of impacts occur.

Maximum grip for oil and gas

In the oil and gas industry, jobs vary from drilling, to refining, to processing. Workers are constantly maintaining grip; a constant challenge because of the constant presence of lubricating fluids, friction reducers, grease, oil-based muds and honey oils. When tools and pipes become covered with fluids, surfaces become slick. This can lead to hand fatigue, strains and sprains from the increased effort required to maintain grip. Eventually, poor grip can lead to lower productivity and increased potential for injury and accidents. Because different applications have different grip challenges, HexArmor developed a complete line of gloves to meet the technical challenges for maintaining grip in oil and gas applications.

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Hexarmor: The Industry Leader in Cut, Puncture and Impact Protection 15 April 2013 HexArmor® designers have worked hand-in-hand for more than two years with safety experts from Halliburton®, Noble Drilling®, ExxonMobil®, and other leaders in the oil and gas industry to engineer a glove with the capability to deliver the perfect balance of exceptional protection, dexterity and grip.