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Offshore Personnel Transfer Solutions

Reflex Marine provides innovative and risk focused crew transfer solutions, delivering value to our clients by setting the highest possible standards for offshore personnel transfer. Established in 1992, our first target was to raise the standard for one of the most important, and yet often neglected, areas of offshore operations – the safe transfer of personnel by crane.

The Frog - marine personnel transfer capsule

In 1995 Reflex Marine launched a new marine transfer capsule to the oil and gas industry. The launch followed an extensive, risk-based review of existing crane transfer operations and the most rigorous testing and verification program ever performed on equipment used for moving people by crane. The design of the Frog addresses the four main risks associated with transferring personnel by crane – the seats and seat-belts virtually eliminate the risk of personnel falling mid-transfer, the feet and the suspension under the seats protect against heavy landings, the frame protects against lateral impacts and the buoyancy ensures that the Frog is self-righting and floats if immersed in water. The Frog provides the industry with a significantly safer means of transferring personnel by crane and has set a new benchmark in this area.

The Frog has now been extensively used by most major oil companies in diverse conditions. These companies have performed millions of routine transfers around the world, including high profile projects in the Atlantic Frontier, North Sea, Mediterranean, Canada, South East Asia, Australia, Russia and the Caspian Sea. It has also gained a reputation as a highly effective tool for down-manning, evacuation and MedEvac situations.

Affordable crew transfers

The TORO™ is the latest evolution in crane-assisted transfer devices for the offshore industry. Incorporating design principles from existing transfer devices, the TORO can transfer four people and provides a combination of advanced passenger protection, comfort, speed of entry and exit, and cost efficiency.

The TORO, backed up with CE marking and ABS type approval, offers the following:

  • High levels of protection for passengers
  • Fast speed of entry/exit to the device
  • Ability to transfer injured personnel (including by stretcher)
  • Low maintenance
  • Ease of storage

Crew access solutions

Reflex Marine can provide the following services:

  • Risk evaluations
  • Operational reviews (desk and onsite reviews are offered)
  • Development of field / installation assessments
  • Shore-based or onsite training
  • Crane inspections
  • Vessel inspections

Reflex Marine also undertakes systematic reviews of crew access arrangements to help our clients develop strategies and operational practices to better manage crew transfer-related risks. Reflex Marine also works with other lifting and marine specialists to produce a best practice approach that provides safe and cost-effective solutions for your operations.

Commitment to quality

Reflex Marine is totally committed to providing the highest quality products, services, training and operational support. As a result of this, and the Frog’s extensive and impressive track record, marine transfers can now be carried out with confidence and the conviction that all reasonable steps to ensuring personnel safety have been taken. You can now make a better choice for your company and protect your personnel in the field.

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