Gas Turbine Controls Corporation

GE Speedtronic and Excitation Spares and Support

Gas Turbine Controls: Supporting Legacy GE Control and Excitation Systems

Gas Turbine Controls Corporation

Gas Turbine Controls Corporation was established in 2001 to supply GE Speedtronic control spares to operators who did not want to upgrade their legacy GE Speedtronic system. Today, it holds the world's largest inventory of Speedtronic spares and has become the world's leading company dedicated to supporting legacy GE turbine control and excitation systems.

Our services have matured from offering only replacement parts to now include repairs, training and field services. In addition, we can offer parts and service agreements, and can identify and offer third-party Speedtronic HMI upgrades and other modifications that enable users to get enhanced performance from their legacy systems.

Today, operators of these older GE turbine control and excitation systems confront many maintenance challenges, including scarcity of parts and knowledgeable service engineers; increased maintenance costs; and limited data access and training for operations and maintenance personnel.

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