New WhitePapers information at Offshore Technology New and updated information from WhitePapers listed on en-us New WhitePapers information at Offshore Technology An Overview of the Application of Rotrex Systems Worldwide As a leading global supplier of offshore winch systems, Rotrex technology has been deployed around the world to provide much-needed assistance during a number of high-profile developments. Fri, 28 Apr 2017 10:01:00 GMT Quality-Assured Winch Systems for Offshore Environments Rotrex is proud to offer customers one of Europe's largest and most versatile catalogues of winching and lifting equipment, which are available for rapid deployment from a number of strategically situated sites throughout the UK. Fri, 28 Apr 2017 09:53:00 GMT BlueLine Cables for Shipbuilding Every year, we manufacture more than 1,500 special products on our customers' request. Every single product is a challenge for our technical team. We at Bröckskes see ourselves as manufacturer and service provider, in the sense of real partnership an… Thu, 27 Apr 2017 11:55:00 GMT Innovative Cleaning and Waste Management Solutions Formed in 1985, Sureclean is an established international service contractor providing specialist and innovative solutions to the oil & gas, petrochemical, renewable, utilities, civil engineering and construction sectors. Thu, 27 Apr 2017 09:39:00 GMT A World of Professional Radio Communications DAMM TetraFlex® Systems have been specifically designed to adapt or grow with you, without incurring major additional infrastructure costs. Thu, 27 Apr 2017 09:38:00 GMT Acoustic Enclosures for Offshore Environments Wakefield Acoustics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of acoustically optimised enclosures, which are designed to address noise-related issues in a number of industrial environments. Thu, 27 Apr 2017 09:38:00 GMT Retrofit Solutions: Give Your Pump a Second Life The retrofit market has been booming over the past years. New environmental regulations, tougher competition for more efficient and reliable equipment and technological advances contributed greatly to the popularity of retrofit as a solution to agein… Thu, 27 Apr 2017 09:37:00 GMT Corrosion-Resistant Lining Materials for Blowing Devices Process blower units are often exposed to harsh environments and corrosive substances, and therefore it is important to construct any parts of the device regularly exposed to gas in a corrosion-resistant material to prolong the service-life of the sy… Tue, 25 Apr 2017 23:00:00 GMT Air Conditioning Systems for Harsh Environments ndustrial organisations and their staff have been trusting Friedrich's Hazardgard solutions to provide safe, reliable cooling in extreme conditions for more than three decades. Tue, 25 Apr 2017 15:51:00 GMT Sea Tel 120 TV Satellite for Marine Environments Bampro's Sea Tel 120 TV is a simple-to-operate antenna system that has been specially optimised for use in extreme conditions. Thu, 20 Apr 2017 15:41:00 GMT Engineering and Project Management ORCA Offshore offers more than twenty years of experience in the marine, structural and operational aspects of the design, fabrication and installation of offshore platforms and subsea structures. Thu, 20 Apr 2017 13:42:00 GMT TOTAL migrates to Digital with DAMM TetraFlex TOTAL Antwerpen has more than 1,300 radio users every day, and approximately 70 groups, and with more than 60,000 calls every day the need for secure, reliable radio communication was essential. The challenge was to succesfully migrate from an analog… Thu, 20 Apr 2017 13:37:00 GMT Cutting-Edge Pumping Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry Sulzer, with 180 years of experience and expertise, is a world leader in the oil and gas industry. We provide state-of-the art pumping solutions for oil and gas production, transportation, refining, and petrochemical processing. Thu, 20 Apr 2017 13:36:00 GMT Arjay Product Overview This white paper contains details of Arjay's products, including oil in water monitors, level controls and oil / water separator monitors. Thu, 20 Apr 2017 11:42:00 GMT Customised Gas Compressors for Positive Displacement Kemostal Process Technology is a leading global designer and manufacturer of blowers and compressors for use in oil processing industries and petrochemical production sites. Wed, 19 Apr 2017 14:38:00 GMT Data-Driven Solutions for Offshore Site Protection A global leader in gas and flame detection solutions, Tyco Gas & Flame Detection possesses hundreds of years of combined experience and a comprehensive portfolio of products and devices. Tue, 18 Apr 2017 11:47:00 GMT Applying Acoustic Leak Detection Systems as a Subsea Solution Co.L.Mar has been a leading provider of subsea leak inspection services for almost two decades, using an innovative acoustic leak detection (ALD) system that is continuously being upgraded to incorporate the latest research and technologies. Tue, 18 Apr 2017 09:53:00 GMT The Power of True Scalability DAMM TetraFlex® Systems have been specifically designed to adapt or grow with you, without incurring major additional infrastructure costs. This increases functional efficiency while significantly reducing both operational costs and total cost of ow… Thu, 13 Apr 2017 08:32:00 GMT Service Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry Customized and innovative service solutions help you to reduce maintenance time and cost, and improve the efficiency and reliability of your equipment. Thu, 13 Apr 2017 08:28:00 GMT MSSA Product Catalogue Metal Spray Supplies is a specialist provider of metallisation and other coating solutions, able to offer expert assistance and advice regarding a comprehensive array of thermal spray and specialist welding processes. Wed, 12 Apr 2017 10:45:00 GMT