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North Sea Gallery

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Alba Phase II

Alfa Sentral Gas and Condensate Field, North Sea

Alvheim Field, Norway

Åsgard, Norwegian Sea

Athena Discovery

Aviat Field Development, North Sea



Butch Field, North Sea

Buzzard Field

Caister Murdoch Phase 3

Catcher Area Field Development, Central North Sea

Cladhan Field Development, Northern North Sea

Columbus Gas Field

Cook Field

Cygnus Gas Field, UK Continental Shelf, North Sea

Dunbar Phase II

Dunlin Cluster Decommissioning, East Shetland Basin, North Sea

Elgin-Franklin Offshore Field, North Sea

F3-FA Gas Field, North Sea

Forties Oil Field, North Sea

Forties Oilfield – a timeline

Gjøa Field, North Sea Northern

Golden Eagle Development Area Project

Hanze F2A

Hild Field, North Sea

Ivar Aasen Field Development

Jacky Oilfield

Jasmine Field, North Sea

Jette Field, North Sea

Johan Castberg (formerly Skrugard) Field Development Project, Barents Sea

Johan Sverdrup Field, North Sea

Juliet Gas Field, Block 47/14b, North Sea

Kraken Oil Field, North Sea

Kristin Deepwater Project

Magnus EOR

Marulk Gas Field

North West Hutton Field

Orca Gas Field, Southern North Sea

Ormen Lange

Oseberg Sør


Premier Oil Shelley field

Prirazlomnoye Oilfield -


Scolty and Crathes Field Development, North Sea

Skarv and Idun Offshore Fields, North Sea


Stella Oil and Gas Field, Central North Sea

Svalin Oilfield

Thistle / Deveron Fields, North Sea

Tordis IOR Project


West Don Oil Field, North Sea

Wingate Gas Field

Yme Oilfield, Egersund Basin, North Sea

Ythan Offshore Field Development, North Sea

Yttergryta Field, North Sea