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North Sea Gallery

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Alba Phase II

Amstel Oil Field Development, Netherlands

Åsgard, Norwegian Sea

Athena Discovery

Babbage Gas Field, North Sea

Bacchus Oil Field, Licence Block 22/6a, Central North Sea


Beryl Field

Blane Oilfield, North Sea

Bruce Phase II

Buzzard Field

Caister Murdoch Phase 3

Catcher Area Field Development, Central North Sea

Causeway Oil Field, North Sea

Chestnut Oilfield, North Sea

Clair Ridge Project, Shetlands

Clipper South Gas Field, North Sea

Columbus Gas Field

Culzean Gas Field, North Sea

Curlew Field

Dunbar Phase II

Easington Catchment Area (ECA)

East Rochelle Oil and Gas Field, Block 15/27, North Sea

Elgin-Franklin Offshore Field, North Sea

Enochdhu Field Development, North Sea

F3-FA Gas Field, North Sea

Forties Oilfield – a timeline

Froy Field

Fyne Oil Field, North Sea

Gina Krog (formerly Dagny) Oil and Gas Field, North Sea

Gjøa Field, North Sea Northern

Goldeneye Gas Platform


Harding Area Gas Project, North Sea

Heidrun Field

Ivar Aasen Field Development



Jura Field, North Sea Northern

Katla Field, North Sea

Kristin Deepwater Project

L8-D Field, North Sea


Magnus EOR

Mariner Area Development, North Sea

MonArb Area Redevelopment Project (MAR), North Sea


Orlando Oil Field Development, North Sea

Ormen Lange

Oseberg Sør

Prirazlomnoye Oilfield -

Rosebank Oil and Gas Field, Shetland Islands


Seven Oceans / Seven Seas Pipelay and Construction Vessels

Shtokman Gas Condensate Deposit


Skarv and Idun Offshore Fields, North Sea

Snøhvit Gas Field


South Arne

Troll West

Ula Oil Field

Valemon Field, Norwegian Sea

Valhall Oilfield, North Sea

Veslefrikk Field

Vigdis Oil and Gas Field


West Don Oil Field, North Sea

Western Isles Development Project, North Sea