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North Sea Gallery

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Alfa Sentral Gas and Condensate Field, North Sea

Alvheim Field, Norway

Anasuria Cluster, Central North Sea

Atla Gas and Condensate Field, North Sea

Babbage Gas Field, North Sea

Blake Flank

Bøyla Field Development, North Sea

Breagh Gas Field, Southern North Sea

Brent Field Decommissioning, North Sea


Bruce Phase II

Brynhild Oil Field

Buzzard Field

Byrding Oil and Gas Field, North Sea

Cheviot Semi-Submersible Production Platform, North Sea

Chukchi Sea Permit, Alaska

Cladhan Field Development, Northern North Sea

Clipper South Gas Field, North Sea

Cook Field

Dunbar Phase II

Dunlin Cluster Decommissioning, East Shetland Basin, North Sea

Easington Catchment Area (ECA)

Eldfisk Oil and Gas Field, North Sea

Elgin-Franklin Offshore Field, North Sea

Enochdhu Field Development, North Sea

Ensign Gas Field, North Sea


Flyndre/Cawdor Oil Fields Development, North Sea

Gina Krog (formerly Dagny) Oil and Gas Field, North Sea

Golden Eagle Development Area Project

Goliat Oil and Gas Field, Barents Sea

Grane Field

Gygrid Prospect

Hild Field, North Sea

Hyme Oil Field

K5F Gas Field

Katla Field, North Sea

Kinnoull Oil and Gas Field

Lukoil's Kravtsovskoye (D-6) Oil Field


Maria Prospect

Mariner Area Development, North Sea

Marulk Gas Field


Oselvar Oil Field, North Sea

Ravn Field, North Sea

Shtokman Gas Condensate Deposit


Solan Oil Field, North Sea

South Arne

Statfjord Field – a timeline


Tyra Southeast Oil and Gas Field Expansion, North Sea

Tyrihans Oil and Gas Field, Norwegian Sea

Ula Oil Field

Valhall Oilfield – a timeline

Valhall Oilfield, North Sea

Victoria Field

Vigdis Oil and Gas Field

Wingate Gas Field

York Gas Field, Southern North Sea

Yttergryta Field, North Sea