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15 November 2017
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White Papers

Innovative Fabric Buildings for Offshore Environments
Legacy Building Solutions is able to offer bespoke fabric structures designed to customers’ individual requirements and specifications.

Heat Load Banks
MizCo is a multi-disciplined building services HVAC company, providing design, procurement, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and spare parts.

Improving Decommissioning Success With Virtual Reality Technology
Wälischmiller Engineering's partner WAK GmBH recently enlisted the company's assistance in the dismantling and decommissioning of the Karlsruhe Reprocessing Plant.

Acoustic Enclosure Offshore
Wakefield Acoustics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of acoustically optimised enclosures, which are designed to address noise-related issues in a number of industrial environments.

Retrofit Solutions: Give Your Pump a Second Life
The retrofit market has been booming over the past years. New environmental regulations, tougher competition for more efficient and reliable equipment and technological advances contributed greatly to the popularity of retrofit as a solution to ageing systems.

Press Releases

Legacy Building Solutions Unveils New ExxoTec Fabric
US-based engineered fabric shelter provider Legacy Building Solutions is pleased to announce its latest customised tension fabric, ExxoTec™.

Using Eddy Current Testing for Defect Evaluation Applications
A variety of different industries regularly use Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) processes for key quality assurance (QA), safety and asset integrity management applications.

Fine Tubes’ Oil and Gas Tubing Range to Showcase at ADIPEC
Fine Tubes’ oil and gas tubing range will once again be taking the stage at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from 13-16 November.

Ten Reasons for Having Biohesive 225® as the Offshore Adhesive of Choice
Finding an adhesive capable of withstanding the adverse environmental conditions encountered in subsea operations and at salt-laden platforms can be a difficult process.

J D Neuhaus Delivers High-Performance Air Hoists for the Offshore Industry
J D Neuhaus (JDN) provides robust Profi TI series air hoists that are suitable for a wide range of general industrial applications.


Not off our coast: the US states rejecting new offshore exploration
Along both Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the US, governors and senators have been voicing their opposition to offshore oil and gas exploration leases proposed following President Trump’s recent budget proposal. Do the benefits of increased exploration outweigh the opposition?

October’s top news stories
Aker BP signed a $2bn deal with Hess Norse, while ExxonMobil bought 33% in an offshore Brazil block. Offshore-technology recaps the top news stories from October 2017.

Targeting neutral: big oil and the carbon dilemma
From carbon offsetting to diversification and supporting carbon pricing schemes, the oil and gas industry is attacking the carbon dilemma from a number of angles. But can oil companies really transition away from their primary products, and what is the right balance to strike between supporting the climate change agenda and protecting an industry’s core business?

Is privatisation working out for Mexico’s oil industry?
The Mexican government’s decision to open its oil sector, historically monopolised by national oil company Pemex, to private investment has been a controversial process. But with a major recent discovery by private partners and bidding on new offshore rounds now gaining momentum, has privatisation proven its worth to an oil-exporting nation that has been struggling with declining production rates?

Sulphate-reducing bacteria: terrors of the deep
Sulphate-reducing bacteria add up to a huge problem for offshore oil producers, so how can a better understanding of these microbes’ functions help the industry tackle the problem of corrosion and reservoir souring? Dr Casey Hubert of the University of Calgary discusses his research into these bacteria, and how they might even help identify new hydrocarbon deposits in the future.


Delfin Floating LNG Project, Gulf of Mexico
Fairwood Group subsidiary Delfin LNG is developing a deepwater port and floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) export project in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, US.

Apsara Oil Field
Apsara oil field lies in Block A of the Khmer Basin in the Gulf of Thailand, offshore Cambodia.

Barossa Offshore Development Project
Barossa is a gas and condensate field located in the Bonaparte Basin of the Timor Sea offshore Australia, in a water depth between 130m and 350m.

Longhorn Gas Field
The Longhorn Gas Field, situated in the Gulf of Mexico's Mississippi Canyon (MC) Blocks 546 and 502, is located around 6

Mafumeira Norte
Chevron operates two of the four concessions that it owns in Angola. It operates Block 0 offshore Cabinda and Block 14,

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