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16 February 2018
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White Papers

Acoustic Enclosure Offshore
Wakefield Acoustics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of acoustically optimised enclosures, which are designed to address noise-related issues in a number of industrial environments.

True North-Seeking Gyro Technology for the Marine Industry
Stockholm Precision Tools is pleased to present the GyroMaster™, the world’s toughest precision gyro system.

Reeling Cables
This white paper provides technical specifications of SAB Bröckskes DR 750 P Offshore cables.

Innovative Fabric Buildings for Offshore Environments
Legacy Building Solutions is able to offer bespoke fabric structures designed to customers’ individual requirements and specifications.

Cutting-Edge Pumping Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry
Sulzer, with 180 years of experience and expertise, is a world leader in the oil and gas industry. We provide state-of-the art pumping solutions for oil and gas production, transportation, refining, and petrochemical processing.

Press Releases

Tri-Star Industries to Exhibit at OTC 2018 in Houston, Texas
Tri-Star Industries is pleased to announce that the company will be exhibiting at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2018.

Legacy Building Solutions Announces New Vice-President of Sales
US-based custom fabric structure specialist Legacy Building Solutions is pleased to announce that the company has appointed Eric Donnay as its new vice-president of sales.

Specialist Services Recognised as Approved Vendor for Pressure Vessels with KOC
Specialist Services has recently become and approved vendor for pressure vessels with the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC).

Jotron Signs Deal with Spain’s Redcai for Supply of Marine Communication Systems
Land, sea and air safety solutions specialist Jotron AS is pleased to announce the signing of a new project order with Spain-based company Redcai S.A.

EM&I Receives ABS Certification for Robotic Inspection Methods
UK-based asset integrity services provider EM&I is pleased to announce that ABS has certified the company as a Recognized External Specialist for robotic inspection operations such as In Water ODIN®, ODIN® Mooring Chain and NoMan® remote visual surveys of confined spaces, including tanks.


Deepwater development: outlook for 2018
Brazil’s pre-salt region is among the areas driving deepwater oil and gas development, while others struggle with costs and technical complexity. So, in a low oil price environment, are such projects viable? Julian Turner checks out the winners and losers in the high-stakes world of deepwater E&P.

Monthly Upstream Deals Review – December 2017
GlobalData’s latest report, ‘Monthly Upstream Deals Review – December 2017’, shows that a combined value of $7.6bn in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) were announced in the upstream sector in December 2017.

Industry to spend $114bn on top ten upcoming projects in Oceania
Over $114bn in capital expenditure will be spent over the lifetime of the top ten upcoming oil and gas upstream projects in Oceania, to produce 8,683 million barrels of oil equivalent, according to GlobalData.

Monthly Upstream Capital Raising Review – December 2017
GlobalData’s latest report, ‘Monthly Upstream Capital Raising Review – December 2017’, shows that global raising activity in the upstream sector totalled $6.9bn in December 2017.

Governments vie for E&P investment in 2018
2018 brings a large number of bid rounds across the globe, notably across the Americas, West Africa and Asia.


Zabazaba and Etan Integrated Development Project
The Zabazaba and the Etan fields are located in oil prospecting lease (OPL) 245 offshore Nigeria in the Niger Delta of the Gulf of Guinea, in water depths ranging from 1,200m-2,400m.

Ophir Oil Field Development
Ophir is a marginal oilfield located offshore Peninsular Malaysia in 70m of water.

Troll Phase Three Development, North Sea
Troll oil and gas field is located 60km west of Sognefjorden in the Norwegian North Sea, at a water depth of 300m.

Buzzard Field Expansion, North Sea
The Buzzard field expansion, or Buzzard phase II (BPII) project, will involve the further development of the Buzzard field, which is located approximately 100km north-east of Aberdeen in the Outer Moray Firth, North Sea, UK.

Tyra Gas Field Redevelopment
Tyra gas field, located in the Danish North Sea, is being redeveloped with an investment of kr21bn ($3.34bn) in order to extend its operational life by at least 25 years.

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