We aggregated thousands of records from GlobalData’s proprietary themes, jobs, deals, patents and company filings databases to identify the most active companies in the area of ESG in the oil & gas sector.

Range Resources and Lundin Energy are among the companies best positioned to take advantage of future ESG disruption in the oil & gas industry, our analysis shows.

The assessment comes from GlobalData’s Thematic Research ecosystem, which ranks companies on a scale of one to five based on their likelihood to tackle challenges like ESG and emerge as long-term winners of the oil & gas sector.

According to our analysis, Range Resources and Lundin Energy are the companies best positioned to benefit from investments in ESG, all of them recording scores of five out of five in GlobalData’s independent oil & gas Thematic Scorecard.

The final column in the table represents the overall score given to that company when it comes to their current ESG position relative to their peers. A score of five indicates that a company is a dominant player in this space, while companies that score less than three are vulnerable to being left behind.

This article is based on GlobalData research figures as of 21 January 2022. For more up-to-date figures, check the GlobalData website.