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Asia to lead global propylene capacity additions

According to GlobalData’s report, global propylene capacity is said to grow considerably in the coming years, with Asia leading additions.

Asia dominates Global SBR Capacity Additions by 2026

Asia is expected to add a capacity of 6.61mtpa from three newbuild planned and announced projects.

Germany leads underground working gas storage capacity in Europe

Emden, Rehden and Etzel ESE are the major active underground gas storage sites in Germany.

The US dominates underground working gas storage capacity in North America

The major active underground gas storage sites in North America are Baker (United States), AECO HUB (Canada), and West Clear Lake (United States).

Drone use cases have grown in oil & gas operations

Drones are progressively deployed in the oil and gas industry for various operations that include inspection, refining, detection and handling processes.

Russia dominates gas processing capacity in the Former Soviet Union

According to GlobalData, as of September 2022, Russia leads gas processing capacity with 63,313MMcfd in the FSU.

The Netherlands leads gas processing capacity in Europe

In Europe, as of September 2022, the Netherlands has an active gas processing capacity of 24,834mmcfd.

Asia to lead the Global Purified Terephthalic Acid Capacity Additions by 2026

Within Asia, China leads with the largest capacity additions.

Europe and the Middle East to lead global working gas capacity additions by 2026

Among upcoming projects, the Jidong II gas storage project in China leads globally.

The US accounts for more than 50% of gas processing capacity in North America

Major active gas processing plants in North America are Prudhoe Bay (United States), Empress (Canada) and Cactus (Mexico).