The offshore arm of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc Offshore) has awarded Abu Dhabi-based Control Contracting & Trading Company (CCTC) a contract for the maintenance and upgrade of units included in its Lower Zakum offshore oil field development.

The project aims to replace emergency diesel generators and upgrade low-voltage electrical switchgears at the Lower Zakum oil production complex, according to sources.

The value of the contract awarded to CCTC is not known. Sources estimate it could be worth about $20m.

As part of the contract, CCTC is required to perform engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) works to install a black start diesel generator (BSDG) with a capacity of 1,275 kilovolt-amperes, replace existing BSDGs nearing the end of their life cycle, and replace and/or upgrade existing low-voltage electrical switchgears.

CCTC has in turn awarded Sweden-headquartered Rejlers a sub-contract to carry out detailed engineering works on the project, sources added.

Separately, Adnoc Offshore is also making progress with another key project to build a gas pipeline to transport associated gas produced at Abu Dhabi’s Lower Zakum offshore oil field development.

MEED recently reported that Adnoc Offshore held an early engagement meeting for the project on 10 August, during which it provided contractors with extensive details about its nature, goals and requirements.

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