Project is being executed by Japan’s JGC

Construction works for the $1.6bn gas separation and compression plant at Algeria’s Hassi R’mel field are ongoing and are expected to be completed by the end of March 2021.

The engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract is being executed by Japan’s JGC and the client is Algeria’s national oil company Sonatrach.

Site visit

Details of the project’s progress were published by Sonatrach following a visit to the project’s site by the company’s chairman and chief executive, Tawfik Hakkar, earlier this month.

Sonatrach said the visit “was an opportunity to salute the considerable efforts made by the project leaders of the parent company and its subsidiaries to continuing project execution during this health crisis, which forced the contracting company to reduce to a minimum the presence of its experts”.

Three stations

The facility, which is in the final phase of completion, consists of three stations: north, south and central. The north and south stations each consist of four gas compression units, while the central station has ten gas compression units.

The north station has an estimated capacity of 43 million cubic metres of gas a day (mscm/d).

The south station has an estimated capacity of 37 mscm/d and the central station has an estimated capacity of 110 mscm/d.

The gas separation and compression plant project was originally conceived by Sonatrach as a way of allowing the level of production at the Hassi R’mel field to be maintained for about ten years.

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