• 15 October 2018

    Oil and gas firms are starting to embrace the blockchain

    GlobalData’s latest report, Blockchain in Oil & Gas, suggests that oil and gas companies are in the process of adopting advanced technologies to improve workflow management and reduce operational losses.

  • 10 September 2018

    Brazil leads in global planned offshore projects count

    GlobalData’s latest report, ‘Q2 2018 Production and Capital Expenditure Outlook for Key Planned and Announced Upstream Projects in Global Offshore Industry – Brazil Leads in Planned Projects Count’ indicates that globally, 375 planned...

  • 1 August 2016

    The splash zone: Oxifree’s Ed Hall talks offshore corrosion

    Poorly-managed corrosion threatens production efficiency at a time when maintaining asset availability is essential to the survival of offshore operations. Industry gatherings such as the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in...

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