Libya’s Mellitah Oil & Gas (MOG) is in talks with companies about technology licensing for its project to construct two offshore structures known as A and E, according to industry sources.

Structure A is located in the central-western part of Libya’s NC 41 Block area, approximately 80km from the Libyan coast, where water depth ranges between 95m and 10m.

Structure E is located in the central-eastern part of the area, about 130km from the Libyan coast, in a water depth ranging from 205m to 235m.

Both structures are due to be built within the Sabratha marine basin. The project is being designed to provide gas for domestic use as well as for export.

Once it is completed, the combined gas production capacity from both structures will be 760 million cubic feet of natural gas a day.

The main project contracts for the wider development are expected to be worth more than $1bn in total.

The wider offshore development scenario includes:

  • Structure A (WHPA): A new wellhead platform installed in 96m of water
  • Structure E (PPE): A new production platform installed in 220m of water
  • Modification of the existing Sabratha platform
  • Sealines and subsea production systems
  • Upgrade of the existing onshore Mellitah complex

MOG has recently asked companies to prequalify for several major contracts for the Structure A and E project.

These include a contract for sealines and subsea production systems as well as a contract for the onshore portion of the project.

The deadline for the submission of prequalification documents for the subsea package is 2 April.

The deadline for the submission of prequalification documents for the onshore package is 23 March.

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