The onshore arm of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc Onshore) is engaged in price negotiations with contractors that have bid for a project to build crude oil blending and flexibility facilities at the Fujairah oil export terminal.

Abu Dhabi-based Al-Nasr Contracting Company has submitted the lowest bid for the estimated $20m to $25m project, according to sources close to the project.

Adnoc Onshore then approached other bidders who have a better In-Country Value (ICV) score to match the target price, in line with policies of the Adnoc localisation programme.

Local contractor Robt Stone Middle East is among the bidders Adnoc Onshore has reached out to for matching Al Nasr’s price, sources said.

Adnoc declined to comment on the information when approached by MEED.

Technical bids for the Fujairah oil terminal crude oil blending and flexibility facilities project were submitted by contractors by 14 March. Commercial bids were submitted in mid-June.

Contractors that have submitted bids for the project are understood to include:

  • Adyard (UAE)
  • Al-Asab General Transport and Contracting Company (UAE)
  • Al-Nasr Contracting Company (UAE)
  • China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Company (China)
  • Descon Engineering & Construction (Pakistan)
  • Emarat Aloula (UAE)
  • Engineering Procurement & Project Management (Tunisia)
  • Galfar Engineering & Construction (Oman)
  • Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited (India)
  • Matrix Construction (UAE)
  • Robt Stone Middle East (UAE)
  • Target Engineering (UAE)
  • Tata Projects (India)

The main oil terminal (MOT) at Fujairah, located approximately 300km north of Abu Dhabi, facilitates the export and import of various types of crude oil produced by Adnoc from its onshore and offshore fields.

The Abu Dhabi Crude Oil Pipeline (Adcop) connects milestone pole (MP) 21 at the Habshan oil facility, where stabilised crude produced from various Adnoc Onshore fields are gathered for dispatch, to the Fujairah MOT.

From Fujairah MOT, the crude oil is loaded onto tankers via single point mooring (SPM) offshore loading facilities.

The scope of work on the project, as per information obtained by MEED Projects, covers:

  • Crossover from cavern number one inlet to cavern number two and cavern number three inlet piping
  • Crossover from Fujairah MOT loading pumps discharge to loading lines of carven numbers two and three
  • Crossover from cavern number two and cavern number three unloading pumps discharge to cavern number one inlet
  • Two crossovers from cavern number two and three electrical submersible pumps discharge to the suction headers of the existing MOT ship loading pumps
  • Connection outlets of HIPPS leakage PSVs to cavern numbers two and three
  • Providing two SDVs to cavern number one filling lines inlet
  • Modifications to control system, ESD system
  • Pipe rack adequacy check for new piping loads or addition of new pipe racks if required.

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