GlobalData’s latest report, “Global Oil and Gas Discoveries, H1 2021 Review – Norway Led Discoveries Count in H1 2021” indicates that a total of 55 oil and gas discoveries were made globally with conventional oil and gas resources dominating the discoveries landscape.

South America and Asia were the top regions globally, each with 10 oil and gas discoveries in H1 2021. In South America, four conventional gas discoveries and six conventional oil discoveries were made while Asia witnessed seven conventional gas and three conventional oil discoveries. In other regions, nine discoveries were made in Europe, seven in the Middle East, six in North America, five in the Former Soviet Union (FSU), four in Africa, three in Oceania, and the remaining discovery in the Caribbean.

Among countries, Norway led globally in terms of count of discoveries in H1 2021 with nine oil and gas discoveries, followed by Colombia with six. Turkey and the US are in the joint third with three discoveries each.

In H1 2021, 29 offshore discoveries and 26 onshore discoveries were made worldwide. Offshore discoveries accounted for the most significant resource finds during the period with discoveries in Norway leading the way.