GlobalData’s latest report, ‘FSU Upstream Development Outlook, 2021-2025’ indicates that 39 key crude and natural gas production projects are expected to start operations in four countries in the Former Soviet Union (FSU). Among these, 23 represent the number of planned projects with identified development plans and 16 represent the number of early stages announced projects that are undergoing conceptual studies and that are yet to be approved for development.

In terms of the number of planned oil and gas production projects, Russia leads among countries, with 19 projects, followed by Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan, with two projects each. Russia also leads in terms of announced projects, with 14. Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan follow Russia, with one project each.

Onshore terrain has the highest number of projects, with 32, followed by shallow water with six projects.

In the FSU, among projects that are expected to come online by 2025, five projects are likely to be developed with fixed platform, while gravity-based platform and subsea system platforms are used by one project each. The facility type of the remaining projects is currently unknown.