The major projects coming onstream in the MENA region in 2020 are oil field expansions in Iraq and the UAE. However, across the region, there is an increase in the number of new projects from 2019, with most of their focus on gas fields. Although Egypt will have the highest projects start in 2020 both in oil and gas fields, the amount of hydrocarbon production increase in the area would be dominantly from UAE and Iraqi projects. In addition, the UAE is looking to take FID on megaprojects at Ghasha and Umm Shaif in 2020.

In MENA, some of the key project starts of 2020 include Barzan in Qatar, Bab Development in UAE, Garraf Expansion in Iraq and Zohr Phase 4 in Egypt.

The planned 2014 start-up of the Barzan Qatar project which has been delayed several times due to technical and logistical issues will add 1.4 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd) of sales gas and 22,000 barrels per day (bpd) of field condensate from the giant North Field to Qatar’s production output. Unlike most North Field production, produced gas will be used domestically.

The Bab project aims to increase production capacity to 485,000bpd by 2020 from its current capacity of 420,000bpd as part of Abu Dhabi’s program to achieve four million barrels per day capacity by the end of 2020.

The Garraf expansion project would gradually increase production from current 90,000bpd to 230,000bpd by Q4 2020. However, the ramp-up of production to full capacity may be constrained by OPEC production limits, and future production maintenance may depend on the completion of the common seawater supply project to support water injection.

The largest natural gas field discovered in the Mediterranean and Egypt, Zohr field with first production in late 2017, reached 2.7bcfd gas production in August 2019; five months ahead of the planned date. Production ramp-up to plateau rate of 3.2bcfd is expected when phase 4 of development is completed by 2020.

As for FIDs, key projects that are targeting FIDs in 2020 in MENA include Ghasha Concession (Ghasha and Hail) and Umm Shaif (Gas Cap and LTDP-1) both in UAE.

The Ghasha Concession project comprises the development of sour gas and condensate fields of Ghasha, Hail and Dalma located in shallow waters of Persian Gulf. This project will add 1.5bcfd sour gas and 120,000bpd of condensate and oil to country’s hydrocarbon output.

The Umm Shaif contains a giant gas-cap, which is to be developed with a gas production target of 500 million cubic feet per day. FID for Umm Shaif Gas Cap ph-1 development is targeted for 2020 with project start-up in 2023. FID for Umm Shaif Long Term Phase 1 project is also planned to be in 2020 with project start-up in 2024. The aim is to increase field output to 360,000bpd – 380,000bpd.