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Micro and Inspection ROVs and Crawlers

VideoRay has been formed to provide customers with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or crawler and/or pilot whenever it is needed, for long or short periods anywhere around the world.

212 East High Street,
Pottstown 19464,
United States of America

212 East High Street,
Pottstown 19464,
United States of America

VideoRay delivers remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), crawlers and / or pilots quickly and efficiently worldwide, for any period of time.
Small, light and energy efficient, VideoRay’s ROVs can be deployed in areas where the use of large machines poses a threat to the equipment, or where there’s a risk of damage when used with delicate machinery.

Small size, however, does not mean compromise on current handling. VideoRay equipment has a large thrust to weight ratio, small tether and hydrodynamic design allows it to handle more current that most work-class ROVs in shallow areas.

Remotely operated vehicles for structural and intake inspection

VideoRay ROVs have been designed for various underwater infrastructure inspection, salvage and survey projects, such as rigs and floating production storage and offloading vessels (FPSOs). This allows vessels and structures in depths of up to 300m to be inspected without downtime or extra support from ships.

Video documentation can be saved as either stills or films, and the ROVs can be transported easily by helicopter for easy deployment. This makes the equipment ideal for regular and mandatory inspections, particularly as it doesn’t require tag-out and is can be done from any location.

Remote FPSO inspection

VideoRay ROVs are ideally suited to FPSO inspection as their extreme portability allows them to easily inspect the entire vessels, including ballast tanks, turret riser tubes, anchoring systems and complete hull inspections. The equipment’s intuitive and easy-to-master control system can be mastered by any operator, from crew to captain.

ROVs for underwater inspection in lieu of dry-dock (UWILD)

VideoRay ROVs’ powerful thrusters, sonar options and stability mean that a comprehensive vessel inspection can be carried out in less than two hours, saving time and money and meeting scheduling deadlines for underwater inspections in lieu of dry-dock (UWILD).

UWILD inspections using VideoRay products can be carried out in both clear water and low-visibility environments thanks to a range of imaging sonar options.

Offshore ROVs for pipeline inspection

For short (less than 10km) and shallow pipeline, VideoRay ROVs can perform inspections from very shallow draft boats in a day’s work. Operators can take still shots of areas of concern, while videoing the entire pipeline.

The ROV can travel along or inside the pipeline, checking for leaks and inspecting the integrity of welds and seams. The small diameter of the VideoRay allows for internal pipe inspections down to 30cm (12in) in diameter.

VideoRay crawler

VideoRay crawlers ensure stable video in difficult, high-current underwater environments (up to six knots). With VideoRay ROVs powerful thrusters allowing it to latch on and roll upright without effort, this reliable attachment guarantees unwavering documentation, even in high currents and low-visibility.

Easy to attach, the accessory is ideal for inspections of ship hulls, water tanks and other submerged structures.

Autonomous control co-pilots

VideoRay Survey CoPilot by SeeByte is a pilot that uses navigation and vehicle control to either follow a preset location using co-ordinates, on a preset search route or automatically to ‘point and click’ locations.

Using the Survey CoPilot, one operation can detect, acquire and classify using precise bottom track data provided by the Teledyne DVL (doppler velocity log), pilots can autonomously acquire a GPS fix on the surface continuously update the ROV’s position when submerged in water altitudes between 31cm and 80m deep.

ROV positioning systems

VideoRay has designed two positioning solutions specifically for small ROVs.
The Smart Tether non-acoustic tether-based positioning navigation system uses acceleration, magnetic, and rate-gyro sensors to measure the orientation and track the position of your vehicle and tether, before sending the data to a control box in real time.

The Tritech MicronNav USBL positioning and navigation system is based on an ultra short baseline (USBL) system, and uses a transducer array to measure target distance and direction to gather the position of the target in relation to the surface vessel. With this system a transducer pole is deployed which relates to the small responder / transponder on the VideoRay ROV submersible.

Accessories for VideoRay ROVs

Accessories and options for VideoRay include but are not limited to:

  • Blueview and Tritech multi-beam sonars
  • Micron scanning sonar
  • Metal thickness gauge
  • Radiation sensor
  • HD filming
  • Laser scaling tool
  • Autonomous vehicle survey control software
  • Hull crawler attachment for stable video inspections

VideoRay PRO 4 OG 300BASE

The PRO 4 OG 300BASE offshore ROV system has been specifically configured for oil and gas production, discovery, and service organisations to quickly and effectively perform a variety of basic under water inspection tasks.

VideoRay to Showcase Products at OTC 2015

ROV specialist VideoRay is to demonstrate its products at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2015, which is taking place in Houston, Texas, US, from 4 to 7 May.

VideoRay Releases Free White Paper

VideoRay, a supplier of remotely operated vehicles (ROV), crawlers and pilots for the offshore industry, has released a free white paper on Offshore Technology.

VideoRay ROV Demonstrated in Mongolia

VideoRay president and founder Scott Bentley and VideoRay certified instructor Steve Van Meter travelled to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia last month to demonstrate the VideoRay Pro 4 remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to technical products and services firm Geomaster.

VIPS 2013 Conference Unites Underwater ROV Community

VIPS 2013 brought the VideoRay community together again, this time in sunny San Diego, California, US. ROV users, dealers and technology partners from around the world flocked to the Paradise Point Resort from 25 to 27 September for three days of ROV presentations, workshops, hands-on demonstrations, exhibits and entertainment.

VideoRay ROVs Shine at AUVSI Unmanned Systems 2013

VideoRay remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) were the star of the show in the Maritime Pavilion during the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) 2013 show in Washington DC 13 to 15 August.

VideoRay Completes Major Expansion with New Headquarters Building in Pottstown, Pennsylvania

VideoRay has announced that they have completed the move of administrative, support, and production groups to their new corporate headquarters building in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. This completely rehabilitated building has dedicated space for offices, classroom, production, repair and laboratory space. There is expansion space available planned for overnight accommodations, incubator space for related underwater technology companies, and building space for local high school robotics teams. Total space in the building exceeds 40,000ft².

VideoRay LLC

212 East High Street

Pottstown 19464


United States of America