High-Definition Downhole Camera Solutions for the Oil and Gas Sector

H-2100, Godollo, Pattantyus Abraham str. 10. , Hungary

H-2100, Godollo, Pattantyus Abraham str. 10. , Hungary

zerlux downhole camera

Zerlux Inc is an independent research and development (R&D) company that specialises in the design, manufacture and provision of cutting-edge fibre-optic downhole and laser tools for a variety of offshore applications.

We are committed to providing customers with pioneering downhole solutions that feature the latest high–tech, fibre-optic and multi-kilowatt laser power technologies, which have been specially designed to deliver consistently precise, efficient and reliable results.

Fibre-optic downhole camera systems for marine environments

Zerlux’s OptEye Cam solution is an advanced fibre-optic downhole camera tool capable of providing online, real-time high-definition (HD) resolution video at depths as far as 6,000m (20,000ft), temperatures of up to 180°C (350°F) and a maximum pressure of 690bar (10,000psi).

Our innovative high-temperature / high-pressure (HT / HP) downhole camera technology does not require any outer flasks to cool the internal system and instead uses an effective, passive inner cooling method that allows the device to achieve extreme temperature resistance for extended periods of deployment.

Zerlux’s online camera system enables users to gather precise and up-to-date information regarding the current state of their chosen wellbore, facilitating detailed borehole investigations and allowing operators to focus their surveys on specific well sections quickly and efficiently.

The OptEye Cam solution also helps users identify and prevent any possible wellbore failures before they occur to enable significant savings in time and costs.

Versatile downhole cameras for subsea monitoring operations

Zerlux’s OptEye downhole cameras are highly versatile solutions that are capable of single-handedly addressing a range of subsea challenges.

The systems’ primary areas of application include well integrity inspections and production monitoring operations, while the technology has also been proven effective in supporting fishing operations, checking safety valves and hard scale monitoring activities.

Our HD downhole camera devices possess significantly improved colour and quality transmission capabilities when compared to traditional systems due to their use of fibre-optic video transmission cables as opposed to the more commonly found electromechanical wires, which are often only capable of delivering low-quality black and white video.

High-definition (FULL HD) video camera systems for offshore applications

Zerlux’s powerful downhole camera devices have been carefully designed to enable the transfer of sharp, detailed and colourful HD images and video through armoured fibre-optic cable assemblies in real-time, providing users with an exceptionally clear view of the target area.

Our innovative systems have been developed by including the latest fibre-optic technology within the standard wireline cable, allowing the cable to be deployed as normal with all the usual mechanical parameters, while enabling high-performance data transmission.

In addition, the camera unit’s unique protective coating and hard-wearing design makes it suitable for deployment in close contact with muddy wellbore fluids without dirt accumulating on the front window.

Fibre-optic memory cameras for real-time data collection

Recent advancements in technology have allowed the OptEye Cam to be integrated onto a slickline for use as a memory camera during downhole operations, while retaining the cable component’s advanced fibre-optic capabilities.

Zerlux’s OptEye Cam is an ideal solution for both distributed temperature and acoustic sensing (DTS / DAS) applications. The system is able to gather accurate, real-time data via the fibre-optic cable when placed down the borehole, allowing the equipment to act as an effective, 6,000m-long temperature and pressure sensing device for offshore environments.

All crucial information such as DTS, DAS and real-time video capture can be recorded simultaneously during a single deployment to achieve maximum operational efficiency and time savings.

Zerlux’s downhole camera tools provide quick and reliable insight when investigating tubulars and identifying potential well and borehole obstructions, while also offering a hassle-free system for gathering key data that cannot be easily obtained using any alternative method during the planning of well intervention activities.

We also offer a variety of additional offshore solutions to address the full range of clients’ operational needs upon request, while downhole laser pipe cutting, hard scale removal and lateral laser drilling services are scheduled to be added to our portfolio in the near-future.

For further information regarding Zerlux’s downhole camera system and the latest technological developments, please contact the company using the enquiry form on this page.

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