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Armada QFCI Cables Provide Durable Protection for Marine Assets

Belcom is pleased to announce the new DNV-GL-certified QFCI Fibre Optic Cable as the latest addition to the ever-increasing range of cables that comprise the popular Armada® brand.

Synonymous with offshore and maritime installations, this cable can be utilised as the backbone for all communications systems where safety critical, high-data transfer is required on board fixed and mobile platforms.

With excellent mechanical strength and arduous environment resistance, Armada® QFCI cables secure the integrity of your marine and offshore assets. They are also compliant with IEC 60793-2-10, 60793-2-50 and 60092-360 standards, in addition to the latest ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA/EIA-568 requirements.

The QFCI cable features a fibre capacity of up to 96 cores and an extended service temperature range of -40°C to + 90°C. It is also flame retardant in bunch to Category A and Category C, and is manufactured from ultra-low smoke and zero halogen FireFighter® SHF-1 materials, making it ideal for use in applications requiring dependable fire resistance.

The cable contains up to 24 colour-coded fibres per tube, with a maximum of 4 colour-coded active tubes. These tubes are filled with a thixotropic gel to prevent the ingress of water, and a fire-resistant tape is added over each tube for fire protection.

The tubes are SZ stranded with an appropriate amount of fillers around a coated metallic central strength member. E-Glass strength yarns reinforce the cable core beneath the inner jacket before a high coverage layer of galvanized steel wire braid is stranded around, and an oil-resistant, halogen free, UV-resistant outer jacket completes the cable structure.

QFCI cables are specifically designed to endure strenuous operations in and around harsh marine environments, with tests proving a maximum crush resistance of 400N/cm, and a long term tensile strength of 1,800N.

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