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Billington Process Technology AS (BPT)

Trusted Process Knowledge Provider for the Oil and Gas Industry

Billington Process Technology AS (BPT) is a trusted process knowledge provider for the oil and gas industry.

Since 1998, our goal has been to enable our clients to maximise the benefits of their investments by optimising their operations; production wise, safety wise and environmentally.

BPT is an Achilles qualified supplier to the oil industry – ID 26845.

Our core team has an average of more than 20 years industry experience and a proven track record of assisting clients to exploit state of the art flow assurance and process simulation technology to its maximum.

BPT provides flow assurance / process solutions and studies supported by steady state and transient simulations.

BPT’s state of the art OPC-based communication link OLX™ connects SPT Group’s OLGA® transient pipeline flow simulator to commercial process simulation tools, enabling efficient analyses of the interaction along the value chain; from reservoir and wells, through production flowlines, chokes, separators and the flare systems.

Such an integrated approach thus enables a rigorous and realistic approach to predict and analyse plant control systems, as well as both primary and secondary process safety systems, using one model.

For flow assurance work we use OLGA®, the multiphase software tool from SPT Group for defining well and pipeline operating procedures and control schemes, to ensure a safe and optimised operation during the transfer of the produced fluids, minimising inconveniences and unnecessary shutdown of the facilities.

BPT realises that often one simulation tool alone is not able to cover all aspects that need to be assessed.

Utilising our unique blend of expertise in chemical / process engineering know-how, process simulation tools and programming knowledge – to interface proven software applications from co-operating companies – BPT improves the prediction capabilities and the quality of our results.

How is this achieved?

  • Fluid definitions and properties, wax and asphalthene predictions – MultiFlash (InfoChem)
  • Compressor design and simulations – CODES (Hande-Energy)
  • Water chemistry – MultiScale / MEGScale (Scale Consult)
  • Separator design and performance – MySep (Kranji Solutions)
  • Multiphase simulator – OLGA® (SPT Group, a Schlumberger Company)
  • OLX™, OPC OLGA link (BPT)
  • Process simulation tools (Petro-SIM, HYSYS®) and INDISS / INDISSPluss (RSI)

Core software products

  • Automated Allocation Tool (Back allocation)
  • MySep Extension (separator and scrubber design and rating tool

BPT is presently located with sales and technical support in Sandvika, Norway, while in the process of growing throughout Europe.

Whatever your location, we may reach you in only a minute through ProjectPlace™.

BPT uses this ISO 27001 Certified Secure Information system, ProjectPlace, which provides the multiple collaboration functionality needed.

Please feel free to contact us using the details below.

Services Provided by BPT

BPT provides flow assurance / process solutions and studies supported by steady state and transient simulations.