Coreworx Information Management for Offshore Projects


Coreworx builds and implements integrated project information management software solutions for the world’s largest, most complex energy resource projects.

Coreworx solutions include tools to manage collaboration, automate proven work processes and provide document control functionality for project information. When implemented, Coreworx solutions help project owners to mitigate associated business risk, increase compliance and boost performance to budget throughout a project’s entire lifecycle.

Information management solutions for offshore projects

Originally designed for oil and gas projects, Coreworx software and project expertise help EPCs and owner-operators manage their vast amounts of project information and communications to ensure it is always secure, accounted for and auditable. Coreworx systems also ensure all stakeholders are kept up-to-date with accurate project information at all project stages.

In addition, Coreworx solutions help keep projects on track by ensuring that consistent best-practice work processes are performed by all team members through automated tools that track and document these activities.

Our products include:

  • Coreworx Project Information Control (PIC)
  • Coreworx Interface Management
  • Coreworx Request for Information (RFI)
  • Coreworx Change Management
  • Coreworx Deliverables Management

Coreworx Project Information Control

Coreworx Project Information Control (PIC) software is used to manage all project information, documents and work processes for major capital projects. Based on customer experience and industry research, Coreworx PIC is built to meet the specific information management demands of major energy construction projects. As a result, Coreworx PIC helps to ensure strict regulatory conditions are met, collaboration is improved and associated risks are reduced.

Coreworx PIC includes:

  • Document control
  • Design review and approval
  • Management reporting and dashboards
  • Transmittals and collaboration portal
  • Document viewer and markup
  • Search capabilities

Coreworx Interface Management

Coreworx Interface Management software enables project teams to moderate project risk through the effective management of interfaces between the major contracting parties on complex projects. Using Coreworx Interface Management, project interfaces are managed in a structured, accountable manner through information sharing, collaboration and stewardship.

Fully automated work processes are used to manage interface points, interface agreements, and action items that fully document interfaces and corresponding responsibilities. Together, these work processes support the controlled exchange of project interface information and ensure interfaces are correctly managed and properly completed.

Coreworx Interface Management ensures:

  • Documentation of project interface details and involved parties
  • Managed exchange of information and deliverables between interface stakeholders
  • Tracking of interface-related tasks and activities

Work schedule discrepancy and exception reports for offshore applications

Should there be any delay with an interface, a critical path activity in the overall project schedule may be affected. The Work Schedule Discrepancy and Exception Reports offered in Coreworx Interface Management can recognize potential schedule impact caused by interface activities, emphasizing discrepancies between those activities tracked and managed within the client’s schedule against those tracked within Coreworx Interface Management software.

Coreworx Request for Information (RFI)

Coreworx Request for Information (RFI) software is specifically designed for major capital projects where requirements for coordinating, archiving, and reporting formal project correspondence are essential. RFI software automates and controls the RFI process by governing participation and authorisation and managing all related information.

Coreworx RFI processes include:

  • Request and response
  • Clarification
  • Monitoring and control
  • Data export
  • Discovery and litigation support

Coreworx Change Management

The Coreworx Change Management solution provides a secure, online, collaborative environment where project team members can submit a change request for prompt evaluation and classification. Changes may be identified by external parties such as a customer, contractor or subcontractor. All affected parties are kept informed of the change status and real-time monitoring of key metrics gives stakeholders complete visibility to every change. A detailed audit trail of events and performers ensures traceability on every change.

Coreworx Change Management processes include:

  • Request, review and approval
  • Impact assessment
  • Monitoring and control
  • Data export
  • Discovery and litigation support

Coreworx Deliverables Management

Coreworx Deliverables Management software speeds time to project completion by ensuring the quality of accepted documents or form-based deliverables are upheld throughout the project life cycle.. High-value deployment include engineering and design deliverables, contract management, contract tender, and systems completion.

Coreworx Deliverables Management processes include:

  • Package import
  • Deliverable allocation
  • Transmittals
  • Progress measurement and monitoring
  • Package export

About Coreworx

Coreworx solutions are deployed across a portfolio of 700 projects valued at over $950bn in more than 40 countries with 100,000+ users. Coreworx has sales and distribution locations in Calgary, Houston, Abu Dhabi, Perth and Beijing.

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Press Release

The Missing Key to Improved Project Efficiency

Dr Samin Shokri will be presenting The Missing Key to Improved Project Efficiency during the upcoming Energy Construction Forum (ECF) being held from 1 to 2 March 2016 at the Moody Gardens Convention Center in Galveston, Texas, US.

White Papers

Chevron Case Study

Chevron is one of the world's largest integrated energy companies, engaged in every aspect of the oil and natural gas industry. In 2007 the company produced 2.62 million barrels of oil-equivalent a day: 70% outside the US, in more than 20 different countries.


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Press Release

11 January 2016

Dr Samin Shokri will be presenting The Missing Key to Improved Project Efficiency during the upcoming Energy Construction Forum (ECF) being held from 1 to 2 March 2016 at the Moody Gardens Convention Center in Galveston, Texas, US.

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13 August 2015

Coreworx proudly announced today that it has been listed in Gartner's Cool Vendors in Oil and Gas, 2015 report.

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23 July 2015

At Coreworx, we're committed to continually expanding our knowledge and staying abreast of the ever changing capital projects landscape. With this goal in mind, we actively participate within major capital project communities and related associations.

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5 May 2015

Coreworx, a software and services company who provides integrated project information management solutions for the world's largest and most complex capital projects, announced today its partnership with Horizon Energy LLC, a holding company specialising in oil & gas, E & P, support services for offshore / onshore facilities and activities. Based in Abu Dhabi, Horizon Energy will be an exclusive agent for Coreworx solutions within the GCC.

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6 January 2015

Coreworx is offering a free three-part webinar series that will focus on the integration of various project management practices; from the 'core' project management practices, such as change management and risk management, to the newest practice, interface management.

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8 December 2014

Six signs you need interface management for your project:

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24 November 2014

Coreworx is offering a free webinar on the value of integrated work processes for the management of change in capital projects.

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27 August 2014

Coreworx has announced plans to partner with Oil & Gas IQ to organise the first and only conference dedicated to interface management for capital projects.

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15 July 2014

Leader in interface management software unveils SaaS version for quick upstarts and no infrastructure requirements.

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22 Frederick Street, Suite 800



N2H 6M6


+1 519 772 3181 +1 866 763 8466 (toll-free) Coreworx Interface Management Video
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