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Origin 9 and OriginPro 9 Now Available From Hearne

Origin 9 provides the flexibility and robust functionality to manage complex data analysis and graphing tasks by performing statistics, curve fitting, peak analysis, data management, signal processing and image analysis.

For example, it is designed for users at varying technical levels to create and customise publication-quality 2D, 3D and contour graphs using a point-and-click interface.

OriginPro 9 offers all of the features of Origin plus extended analysis tools. OriginPro is the complete software package for those who want a single data analysis, statistical and graphing solution.

Key new features in Origin 9 include:

3D open GL graphing
All 3D Graphs, 3D Function plots and 3D parametric plots in version 9.0 will be OpenGL by default. OpenGL offers the following key benefits:

  • Faster performance
  • Enhanced features
  • New plot types(Including 3D surfaces directly from XYZ data)

3D parametric function plot
In Origin 9, you can create 3D function plots using parametric equations. You can also save your favorite equations as themes for repeated use.

Movie/animation creation
It is possible to export a collection of graphs as a video. The movie or animation creation could be accessed both from the user interface and programming scripts.

Data filter
Origin 9 offers a data filter, which is a quick and easy way to filter large datasets by applying filter conditions to one or more columns in a worksheet. All graph and analysis based on the data will be automatically updated when filtering is applied.

Graphing improvements include:

  • Improved scatter matrix plot
  • Improved ternary plot
  • Improved legend
  • Change X,Y of plot from graph

Floating graphs in worksheet
In Origin 9, inserting a graph into a worksheet is no longer limited to an embedded cell. It is now possible to place the graph as a floating object anywhere on the worksheet.

Global vertical cursor
The vertical cursor gadget is implemented in Origin 9 as a global vertical cursor, which supports data selection in multiple graph windows, helping you easily read X and Y coordinates for data points from multiple graphs in the same project file simultaneously.
Compare your version to the new features by viewing the reasons to upgrade to version 9. Also view the new features table.

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