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PDO and Hexagon Complete Digital Transformation Phase Two

One of the largest oil and gas exploration and production companies in the Sultanate of Oman Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) together with Hexagon have completed phase two of its digital transformation.

Phase two in the company’s asset information improvement project involved implementing document management systems with Hexagon’s information management solutions. It also included providing smooth data and document handover to enable seamless workflow-driven submissions and feedback for document and tag completion.

PDO has been using a variety of products from Hexagon’s PPM division, SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO), for a centralised, integrated and intelligent asset information solution, which was required to achieve digital transformation.

PDO has selected Hexagon PPM to support its digital transformation plan since the capability of the solutions fit the project requirements and had the ability to fully support digital project execution and plant operation.

With Hexagon’s PPM software solutions, PDO has a unique digital transformation approach, providing a very large scope from engineering to operations, as well as easy access and navigation to information.

After the successful implementation of phase two, PDO and Hexagon are working together to integrate SPO with PDO’s Plant Maintenance System to improve efficiency during operation and maintenance, which will enable ecosystem integration for plant operations.

PDO Engineering and Operation Management Functional manager Sameer Sariry said: “SPO is a strategic solution to drive digitalisation transformation for projects and operations.

“It is a major milestone in setting up the foundation for our digital roadmap that will support the company’s drive toward zero Asset Integrity-Process Safety Management incidents and brings about business efficiencies across the information management lifecycle.”

Hexagon PPM EMIA region executive vice-president Philippe Marceau said: “Hexagon PPM is proud to support PDO’s vision with best-in-class solutions and technologies and to contribute to make PDO’s projects and operations again more efficient, safer and cost-effective.”

SPO provides fast access to key information within the engineering design basis via multiple search mechanisms and navigation paths. This reduces the time needed to gather necessary information and ensures all relevant information is readily available to facilitate quicker and better decision-making.

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