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Integrum wins 2015 Offshore Excellence Compliance Software of the Year

2015 Offshore Excellance Awards

For the second year running, Integrum is recognised for its outstanding work in the offshore industry.

The Offshore Excellence Awards recognise advancements, care, leadership and exceptional commitment to client support, commending teams across a variety of services for their forward thinking, client-focused business ethic, which has helped to transform the offshore industry.

These awards recognise firms from all spectrums of the offshore industry, from the smallest local companies to the international heavy-hitters, celebrating the endeavours, accomplishments and ambitions in their specialist field; most crucially, these companies are nominated by their clients and their peers.

The awards are presented solely based on merit and are given to recognise those most deserving for advice, support and services provided over the last 12 months. As a result, award winners can be safe in the knowledge their awards are a testament to their exceptional performance in these ever-changing and innovative industries.

Integrum’s chief executive officer Beven Schwaiger explains the unique challenges and opportunities working offshore presents: "The remoteness of the worksites and connectivity issues provide challenges in providing web-based software solutions for the offshore sector. The uniqueness of the integrum solution to fully operate offline on Windows-based devices has given us a significant competitive edge in the offshore market. The highly configurable nature of the system means all types of sectors can utilise, configure and deploy the integrum system without massive customisation required."

Schwaiger continues to describe how it feels to be awarded the prestigious title of Offshore Compliance Software Solution of the Year.

"We are very honoured to have been named Offshore Compliance Software Solution of the Year."

For more information, please contact Integrum.

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