Sea Surveillance Navigation and Oil Spill Monitoring Software Solutions

Sea Surveillance provides high-end software solutions for safe navigation in marine environments. Our main products are the Ex-radome, iTracker, Visionmaster FT, iVTMS and iOSMS.

Radar domes for surveillance in adverse conditions

The Ex-radome is a system designed primarily for X-band radar, with respect to both physical dimensions and frequency. It may be used for all kinds of surveillance equipment requiring an ex-protected enclosure for harsh weather conditions, and can be fitted with heathers to support cold environments. Ex-radome is available in size 2.43m-2.8m-4.2m.

Our radar dome is constructed to fulfil the European normative EN 50014, and consists of a dome made from fibreglass composite and a stainless steel support structure. It features a purging and overpressure control system to ensure an ex-safe environment. It also includes an ex-safe work-light and ex-safe power outlet, as well as a shutdown-protected electrical distribution cabinet. An internally mounted gas detector is optional.

Single-board radar processor

The iTracker is a complete single-board radar processor. It is an all-in-one unit used for collecting, processing and distributing radar data, and requires no computer for operation.

The radar processor is specially developed for coastal applications. It can interface directly to the radar transceiver (Sperry Marine, Furuno, Raytheon and Kelvin Hughes) or through any splitting device (slave junction box). Radar signals from the transceiver are fed to the radar processor. The iTracker minimises installation costs and total cost of ownership.

Marine radars

The Visionmaster FT series of type-approved marine radars extend the tradition of innovation well-established by Decca more than fifty years ago. The series offers an unparalleled choice of configurations and options to meet demanding and varied needs.

It has a solid track record in ‘at sea’ reliability. Since its introduction in 1999, thousands of Visionmaster FT systems have been successfully installed worldwide. Sperry Marine Visionmaster FT is a surface search radar designed to provide navigation to commercial and military vessels.

Vessel traffic management systems

iVTMS is a modern vessel traffic management system that expands the usual set of tools and functions. This technology ensures the high accuracy of received and processed data, while simplifying access to information. iVTMS has great support for IP-based sensors.

iVTMS gathers information from all kinds of sensors, including:

  • Radar
  • Ex-radome
  • iTracker
  • AIS
  • GPS
  • VHF
  • CCTV
  • Weather sensors
  • Wave height measurement
  • iOSMS
  • Other client customised sensors

Oil spill monitoring systems

iOSMS is an oil spill monitoring system with an innovative internet-based concept. It combines several sensors with specific features into one unique product. iOSMS provides the operator with real-time precise information for planning and supervising recovery operations. All data is displayed on an electronic chart, with detailed information made available locally (on-board). This data can be shared with the main control centre in real-time via satellite communication.

The key features of iOSMS are:

  • Earliest possible detection of oil spills in a range up to 7nm
  • Ability to detect oil spills under poor weather conditions and low-visibility
  • Providing an automatic alert when oil spills are detected
  • Monitoring of the oil spill, including oil drift vector with speed and direction
  • Providing information on wave height, direction and speed
  • Providing weather information

Data recording systems for marine voyages

The DRS’09 data recording system is a complex solution for recording and replaying any kind of voyage information. The recorder is based on plug-in modules and can be easily expanded to fulfill any specific needs.

The system records / replays multi-channel audio from various sources, including microphones and VHF, as well as ECDIS / ARPA screenshots with variable update rate. Information can be received via network (Furuno FAR-2xx7) or using a VGA grabber to support other displays.

Recorded information is stored on the local HDD in the database and can be replayed at the same time. Compared with standard SVDRs and their strict requirements, DRS’09 provides a longer history length with an easy-to-use replay module. Part of the recorded information can be extracted and exported on any media available for later replay on any computer.

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Press Release

Sea Surveillance Awarded Marine Radar Contract

Statoil Petroleum awarded Sea Surveillance the marine radar contract for MFO Tele at Statoil Sandsli.

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Weather-Resistant Ex(p) Radome

The Ex(p)-Radome is a self-regulating system designed primarily for X-band Radar, with respect to both physical dimensions and frequency, but may be used for all kinds of surveillance equipment needing an Ex(p)-protected enclosure for harsh weather conditions.

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Press Release

10 June 2014

Statoil Petroleum awarded Sea Surveillance the marine radar contract for MFO Tele at Statoil Sandsli.

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Sea Surveillance

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