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Integrated Maritime Surveillance Software

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VisSim is a systems integration and software development company. Our background is in the supply of radar-based technology to port, coastal and offshore maritime surveillance markets. VisSim supplies multi-sensor tracking solutions that can be integrated with communication sub-systems and environment monitoring tools, all of which have been developed by the company.

Radar-based offshore maritime surveillance technology

VisSim can provide system solutions of any scale, from simple harbour radar VTS systems to fully integrated maritime domain awareness (MDA) solutions that comprise any combination and quantity of the following:

  • Radar and AIS-based vessel tracking
  • VHF voice communication
  • VHF direction finding
  • CCTV / EO surveillance
  • Integrated LRIT
  • Meteorological and hydrographic sensors
  • Management information system
  • Berth planning
  • Automatic oil spill detection
  • Wave height measurement
  • Offshore worker monitoring
  • Full recording and replay

VisSim has the full ownership and intellectual property rights in all of its software products. As such, each solution can be configured to precisely meet the customer’s requirements.

Integrated sea surveillance services

In the oil and gas sector, VisSim provides sea surveillance to a number of offshore companies. Radar is the core tracking technology that ensures all passing ships (including small vessels) are detected and tracked. AIS-equipped ships will also be automatically identified.

For improved communication, VisSim has developed its own VHF solution that employs the latest digital selective calling (DSC) technology and advanced functionality to overcome many of the traditional problems of maritime VHF. VisSim’s VHF3000 system provides easy-to-use facilities directly from the main traffic display, such that the operator can simply ‘click and talk’ to the vessel of his choice.

Offshore wind farm marine coordination system

VisSim has adapted its technology to meet the needs of the offshore wind farm sector. During construction, operation and maintenance there are many vessels and persons who interact with the wind farm. Managing all activity offshore requires effective maritime surveillance to coordinate vessel activity and to monitor the location of offshore personnel.

VisSim’s marine coordination system provides continuous monitoring of vessel activity and the integrated people tracking monitors the location of everyone working offshore. This enables VisSim’s marine coordination system to meet both maritime safety and worker health and safety requirements.

Automatic oil spill detection software

Radar sensors can detect an oil spill, but maritime system operators rarely set their controls so that a spill would be visible on their screen. VisSim’s OSD3000 oil spill detection software processes the radar signal and detects the presence of oil (or a pollutant) on the water. OSD3000 can therefore provide an alarm to the system operator when it automatically detects an oil spill.

VisSim’s OSD3000 technology uses the same digitised raw video output from the radar as our extractor tracker. It is therefore possible to plot all tracked vessel positions on the traffic display screen and then plot the location of a spill, in real time, when it occurs. This will assist the system operator in the process of identifying the polluter.

Wave height measurement software

VisSim wave height measurement software provides details of wave height across the inshore radar coverage area. The software positions virtual buoys and calculates the wave height at each location.

The result is that the software can provide automatic warnings when the sea state of a particular area exceeds a pre-defined level. By using the radar and monitoring an area, VisSim’s WHM3000 software can be significantly more cost-effective than deploying multiple wave rider buoys.

Maritime surveillance and monitoring solutions

For the offshore industry, VisSim offers a variety of maritime surveillance and monitoring solutions. All products can be fully integrated so that the operator interaction is via the main traffic display for all applications.

VisSim has systems operational in 24 countries worldwide and the technical innovation of our products has created substantial interest in our core markets.

Oil spill detection tests

VisSim has developed oil spill detection technology that is fully integrated with its VTMS technology. The radar video processing for oil spill detection is based upon the same VisSim technology as is used for tracking all forms of maritime vessels.

VisSim achieved a successful trial of its integrated VTMS and OSD software when it conducted oil spill detection tests for Statoil. Integrated VTMS and OSD could ensure receipt of a quick (real-time) alert that oil is in the water, which would also assist in identifying the polluter.

The benefits of integrating automatic oil spill detection with VTMS operations are beyond doubt and will help to reduce clean-up costs and protect the environment.

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