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Ferguson Offshore DNV 2.7-1 4,000l Tote Tanks Available Out of South East Asia

Ferguson Tote Tanks Available out of Singapore

Ferguson, a leading supplier of offshore DNV 2.7-1 / EN12079 certified containers, tanks, refrigeration modules, accommodation and workspace modules, supplies DNV 2.7-1 offshore tote tanks from their South East Asian bases in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

The 4,000l tank is used to store and transport most chemicals used in oil and gas production as its construction makes it more able to withstand the rigours of offshore work and has a lower transport cost per litre than an IBC. The tanks are part of Ferguson’s offshore DNV 2.7-1 chemical tank range, introduced in response to client demand.

IBCs are durable and light, but they are susceptible to damage and possible leakage during shipment and can burn rapidly in fire conditions. The DNV 2.7-1 offshore tank can withstand both fire and substantial impacts due to its design and its 316 stainless-steel construction weathers well in the tropical climate of the region.

Quayside, on and offloading drums of chemicals involves a significant amount of handling and once used, the drums are difficult to clean, re-use or even dispose of. The larger capacity of the tank means that there are fewer lifts.

Simon de Koning, general manager, Singapore, welcomed the tanks: "The tote tanks are a very cost efficient way to move cargo. When a 1,000l IBC is lifted as loose cargo, it takes four lifts to get 4,000l of product on board the vessel, and thereafter onto the offshore installation, while it only takes one lift when using the 4,000l tank. Additionally, the 4,000l tank has a lesser footprint than four IBCs."

Each lift increases the risk to the vessel, the cargo and the handlers, therefore a reduction in the amount of lifts means a reduction in risk.

If small volumes of product require to be transported in IBCs, the IBCs can be shipped in specially designed IBC carriers or mini containers that are designed to carry two IBCs. The Ferguson IBC mini container comes with internal tie down points and a cargo net.

When handling materials offshore, it is essential to reduce the risk to the cargo, the environment and the handlers. Ferguson believes that their new 4,000l tote tanks will be a key part of this process.

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