Ferguson Norge to Showcase Extreme Climate Product Range at OTD 2015

DNV2.7-1 tank

Ferguson Norge, specialists in DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 certified offshore rental containers, refrigeration / freezer modules and NORSOK workspace modules to the global offshore energy industry, will be exhibiting its extreme weather products at OTD 15 in Stavanger.

The Norwegian Continental Shelf and the Arctic can become excessively cold in winter it is vital to have equipment capable of working at very low temperatures. The remoteness of the region means the equipment to be resilient, robust and efficient.

Ferguson Norge’s range of sealed waste units, tanks and containers are constructed in a grade of steel capable of working in intense cold for long periods of time.

Ferguson Norge general manager Morten Smith said: "We understand the issues caused by extreme cold and we do all that we can to ensure our products are adapted for the winter temperature. Our waste skips are rated to -20°C and the 10ft chemical tanks have a steam heating system to ensure that the contents are usable, whatever the outside temperature."

Attention to detail and willingness to listen to customers has driven Ferguson Norge’s expansion of their tank fleet. Having successfully supplied helifuel and chemical tanks, Ferguson Norge has expanded its tank fleet to include larger chemical tanks that are rated to -40°C. These tanks can be used for larger operations, with considerable cost benefits.

"We understand the issues caused by extreme cold and we do all that we can to ensure our products are adapted for the winter temperature."

The new 10ft 7901 litre cryogenic tank is designed to transport and store liquefied nitrogen. Offshore DNV 2.7-1 acid tanks are also available, in 6,000l and 20ft 17,000l. These are also rated to -40°C.

But it isn’t just equipment that Ferguson Norge looks to protect from the environment. The company has a series of NORSOK R-002 workspace modules for use offshore, including a series of workshops that are classified for Zone 2 hazardous area rental.

Smith added: "These units, built to NORSOK Z-015 standard are a useful addition to our range of pressurised modular working spaces. They are adaptable and easy to move, stack and use."

No matter how harsh the environment may be it is important for firms to remain operational at all times. The Arctic is estimated to contain 20% of the world’s undiscovered hydrocarbon resources and is thought to contain the equivalent of 43 billion tonnes of oil.

Ferguson Norge understands this and continues to develop its product range to meet the evolving needs of this energy sector.

Image: Morten, Helge and Offshore DNV2.7-1 tank.

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